Day Eight - Deluxe Box?

Day Eight - Deluxe Box?

Day Eight (Limited Deluxe Box) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

First thing first: the album itself I really like, well known to the Karuzo raps again mega stark beats by Sikk. Alone it gets Eighth Day 5 Stars.

The problem lies in the pits. As Genetikk-fan from the start I wanted to support the guys really time with a little more money and get me the box, as this has been touted big and I really wanted to have this mask. Now I am more than disappointed. The mask is not as expected, a high-quality, original Genetikk crew mask, but a cheap, shapeless, stinking Chemicals piece polyester that does not even really sitting in front of the eyes and mouth, as it should be. Of course, now many say that was to be expected, however, mask the "unboxing" video is shown here on Amazon completely different. The cords above look thicker, the mask has a proper form which is closer to the neck and the fabric looks and quality. But when I held the thing in my hands, I really wondered whether that was meant seriously. I really expected a little more quality.

The mantra flag I also really useless, in addition to poor processing to misspellings found on the pressure, what really testifies to a lack of quality control. The flag is mMn completely replaceable.

The "Autograph" I find meaningless. Why commitment at such a thing, if it is not signed by hand or at least it prints an autograph. Because I would have been pleased with a poster more than about some minimalist piece of cardboard where eight day it is. Can I tinker in 10 minutes even.

From the DVD I was also disappointed. Although that was already fixed in advance, that since the Documentary will be it, but why invite Genetikk precisely this on YouTube? What's the sense of having the same content on DVD when I can look on the Internet for free? What is there probably more convenient, mobile video enjoyment on YT on my phone or the same material on a bulky DVD? Somehow I hoped that on the DVD an exclusive Special will be available so that I have as a buyer of "Limited Deluxe Box" at least a small value.

In conclusion remains to say that it is the 40 Euro never ever worth. What I could have really used in this box, is the album that I can buy for 17 Euro me here. I have pre-ordered the box relatively early and had really high expectations, but were ruined with one blow today. The Box is back and most likely will be exchanged for the standard album.

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