Fantastic collector's item of German music history!

Fantastic collector's item of German music history!

White paper (Audio CD)

Customer Review

16 Years Old and still features the beguiling charm of a fresh, young love. Which piece of music would not like to claim that? Especially in today's time of hearing, downplaying and quickly forgetting there are few long-player of the brand White Paper. This dates back to this good piece of the department German Music and with Element of Crime has not just easy-care representative, who is pressing in any genre, the thing makes this even more interesting.

Element of Crime with singer Sven Regener, are all veterans in the German music industry. The doing their unfamiliarity with radio and charts listeners however not detract. Who types as Regener in the band comes from the pen of the novel Herr Lehmann, and has taken the band name from a movie title by Lars von Trier, which is God knows everything but Mainestream. Since it is no wonder already bad as playful footed, chansonesk and wonderfully rhythmic flow, the pieces of White Paper from the speakers. Whether -Alten remains an opportunity- as a live piece comes along that accompanies a spring day in a Parisian park or -Always under power with a still current, madness text and pounding beat roars in your ears. -Heavy Maritime lives of Regener's voice and we take him every word he abquält itself. -Everything Comes co-'s a love story, which is so unusual form and inspiring that one to tears. The quality of these pieces, and all the other songs on the CD is unique. On the one hand it's sad that this music was never a large audience granted, on the other hand is a blessing that you still must call niche handset, if one carries an element of Crime album in the player.

Whoever befriends the music of Berlin band, to wait a number of excellent albums. White Paper is, in my opinion, the Masterpiece around the band of Sven Regener. Will not matter if you sing, cry, laugh or dance. On white paper, there is a song for every mood. And what the best thing is: we understand every word and the lyrics have to do with Lalala Tralala and as much as a fish with the cycling. Five stars and exclamation for a real collector's item. If they do, the sure to!

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