Finally a satellite receiver that works the way I wish it

Finally a satellite receiver that works the way I wish it

Technisat TechniBox S1 + digital HDTV satellite receiver (HDMI, DVRready, CI +, UPnP, USB, incl. HD + card) (Electronics)

Customer Review

If one has studied in advance of a satellite receiver-intensive purchase test reports, so are raised repeatedly on two brands with which you obviously can certainly make no mistake: Kathrein and TECHNISAT.

After I did not necessarily the best experiences with other products, I was already very excited to see how the TechniBox would beat S1 + from TECHNISAT here.

My requirements:
- Good HD picture, good sound
- Easy installation
- Clear, intuitive operating structure
- Easy programming of broadcasts
- Capable of accommodating to external USB media (flash drive or hard drive)

These are actually not particularly lifted criteria, right?

And I must say, these wishes have been met in all of my previously tested devices here with almost no restrictions. Here the topics in detail:

Here the TechniBox showed S1 +, that one has really given some thought to make the initial start-up as easy as possible and without cryptic messages displayed on screen. Very pleasant: The menu language is already preset in German. Man is guided step by step through relatively few, clearly defined points. If the TV via HDMI cable connected, so you need here all presets really just to confirm. Thus, you're done in a few minutes. Even the revised April 30, 2012 Program places of public broadcasters (ARD HD, Arte HD, etc.) are taken into account and sorted according to the front. At this point you will be asked if you the electronic program guide ("SFI" SFI) would mitladen same on this occasion - but the whole thing will cost quite a bit of time (about half an hour). Who does not want the same program recordings, can skip this point, the TechniBox brings the then autonomously by night. Even the Order of the programs is very simple.
By the way - the device comes with a fairly detailed manual. This could also be constructed somewhat clearer my feeling.

The picture and sound quality of public HD channels and is largely dependent on broadcast material perfectly (resolution: 720p, so HD-ready). An HD + -Abokarte already inserted in the device for HD reception of private channels (RTL, Pro7 ...), this allows for a year to receive GZSZ and Co. Then 50 euros will be due if you look for a new card wants to make another 12 months. Since drilled standard resolutions, daily soaps, drastic restrictions on recording and howler advertising are not my thing, this card has no real value for me. The private channels are the way all also deposited on the rear storage spaces in its SD resolution.

RECORDING ("PVR" feature):
For this purpose, an external memory is required, which is connected via the USB port with the device (USB flash drive or hard drive). The TechniBox S1 + enables the menu also a test of whether the connected memory is of his speed to be able to be used for records of the box. With me has worked perfectly with an 8-Gbyte USB flash drive (for testing) the. That's enough of course, only for one or two crime records, with a 1 TB hard drive, there are, however, no space problems. My tip for a suitable external hard drive is this one: Seagate Backup Plus Portable STBU1000200 6.4 cm (2.5-inch) External Hard Drive 1TB (USB 3.0) Black. I have added a range of programs so that, without anything here would not have worked.
The TechniBox records the program information (date, time, name and summary of shipment) on with, so that they can be called at any time later.

VERY big advantage: Unlike my previous satellite receivers this one has no 2-hour limit on the recording, but also records the program which is significantly longer than two hours! I have tried this several times. The programming of broadcasts is on the "SFI" key (electronic program guide) conceivable simple. The recording of broadcasts in private HD + stations is for me because of the rabid use restrictions (no fast forward possible depending on the specification of the private channel not even the recording) is not an option, so I'm going to take this opportunity not elaborate. "Normal" HD channels can be recorded on the other hand perfectly.

Play back and edit images:
It is also very gratifying that the recording can be subsequently edited in length. Enforcing trademarks can be any part of the beginning, end, or simply remove the middle. Since there is now in the digital TV no VPS system more, which program shifts into account, it would be better to give in the programming of recordings especially backwards at least 15 minutes - this can then be easily removed in this way later. Again TECHNISAT has thought -early and end of the program are identified automatically, a really good idea.

Shipments are as so-called "transport stream" recorded that allows with a suitable program on the computer and even the post-burning to DVD or BluRay. This is also a great advantage over other previously used by me satellite receivers with "PVR" function. I use for editing the program "Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11" (with Pinnacle Studio 11's is not).

Who uses the network port of TechniBox TECHNISAT S1 +, can even play with the device's video recordings from a network hard drive (DLNA server). This I have also tested. The selection of the videos is my feeling a little awkward, but the reproduction is perfectly and takes place even at the right height aspect ratio.

Problems with the playback of 4: 3 content on current and older 16: 9 TVs I have not, the display is here correctly with bars left and right, without contents to be cut away.

So stay to be desired? Yes - a real switch missing. While this makes sense only if you have programmed any recordings, but is there anyway a lot of customers who want to now times consistently curb all domestic "energy guzzlers" by power switch. Here TECHNISAT should make improvements, even if the idle power consumption is less than 0.5 watts per technical specifications.

Nevertheless - in sum of all points detract from the somewhat confusing structured printed manual and the missing off my overall judgment not - five stars!

Surprisingly good! 25 Rank: 5/5
April 3
Inferior quality 5 Rank: 1/5
February 22
Smaller, lighter ... better? Rank: 4/5
October 16
I Love 101 1 Rank: 5/5
January 10
Hazardous Caution! Rank: 1/5
February 23

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