First look hui - Second look Pooh

First look hui - Second look Pooh

Silverfall (DVD-ROM) (computer game)

Customer Review

I have the game now angetestet since a few weeks and with two figures. The graphics are OK, being on my system (C2D 2.66GHz, 2GB RAM, X1950 Pro), it still sometimes comes to stuttering in 1280x1024.

Playful is Hack'n Slay, there are many skills and also quite different weapons. The inventory is unfortunately very unimposant that weapons take a 1x1 box, like everything else in the inventory also. Overview is easily lost. The gameplay is complicated by mitlevelnde creatures that threaten greatly outnumbered the players. While the monsters drop a lot of Mana Potions, but unfortunately almost no life potions. So you need crass careful not again to land in the city and find his grave stone to have.

By accepts missions for different NPC, the technology is growing or natural affinity of character that affects the gameplay and the spec. Unfortunately lost all points of the other skill tree as soon as you (accidentally, as in my case) missions of the other NPC accepts. I have therefore deleted the game, because it was simply too monotonous to me again to create a new character.

For Diablo fans may a brief pastime, an alternative to Diablo makes the game but unfortunately did not represent. Too boring and long-winded, it is raised to the unloving interface, although the graphic in my opinion quite hergibt something.

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