For children aged 5+

For children aged 5+

Oral-B Stages electric toothbrush children (theme Princess) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Colorful paint and motifs on the toothbrush (princess for girls and cars for boys each of Disney) liked the little ones very well, also that they now have their own such as the Great Electric makes children so somehow proud.
Just as eErwachsenen have since always something to complain about.

The performance is very good, since there is less strong as the Oral B for adults, also is handling the video on the Amazon page or at Oral B very easy to explain to the children and they use them well rather than the manual toothbrush.
So far so good, but for the price one should expect the battery as the last as long for adults, is especially since fewer demands on performance.
The Vital in the same price segment of Oral B held 5 days ago, the children's toothbrush holds just 2 days, so min. 4 applications, they need to charge for 16h ... so she is always on charger, since there is no indication of when it is to charged and they just stop when the battery is empty, as stated max. 4.5 Application, then hand brush is back in fashion. Or you can always be in the charger. However, this is "stupid".
Now you can give the little ones not normal Oral B, because this is too much and damage the not so solid enamel rather as clean.
The battery power runs through the whole review down unfortunately, that is truly and literally a weak performance.

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