Game over! (Paperback)

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"Game over!" is the message that appears on the screen of a video game to mean that the game is over. The problem is that in this hyper-realist novel and fully documented, it is not a game, but a possible reality? likely? some? In any case likely.
What is at stake? The world as we know it, not less. The collapse of the Western capitalist system we live for two centuries. The fall of the stock market and the full chaos.
Well, I stop the accumulation of unpleasant surprises that may await us. It is only a novel, is not it? Reassure me, doctor!
What I liked in this novel "dystopian" devil is the impressive amount of information that reveals the dark world of cyber criminals, cyber terrorists, cyber-traders so on and best (not to mention the Anonymous dear to me) After reading, we do not see eye to eye his computer, if you see what I mean (you are being watched constantly). And one wonders if it would be better to change the money one has on his bank account in Bitcoins or even Monopoly money. Because the point of view of this novel, silver (like the power he supports) seems so fragile. Just a nothing, a tiny grain of sand (or a well-orchestrated cyber attack) for us to return to the Stone Age.
So a word of advice: read this book emergency, and pray that this is merely a novel!

europe is or? Rank: 1/5
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August 31
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April 19
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January 13

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