gentle to the skin, 3-5-day beard capability lets are always something, even material quality

gentle to the skin, 3-5-day beard capability lets are always something, even material quality

Philips S9161 / 41 Shaver Series 9000 electric wet and dry shaver, silver (Personal Care)

Customer Review

After several years with an older Philips model, the blades were again completely sanded. Cost point 50, also the beard trimmer was broken for some time and the battery (NiMH) was slowly deteriorate. Zeif for something new.

Purchase decisive were the shaving heads for me. These are compared to its predecessor (SensoTouch 3D) unchanged and promise in design to cope with longer hair a three- or five-day beard.

The following can be said about the device:

++ Very pleasantly quiet, at the same time vigorously. Even when placed on long whiskers he will not break a but eats through brave.

+ Completely washable

o The shaving unit has to be completely taken off for emptying, not opened. Until it suddenly pops only a matter of time on the floor and then has a heavy Macke.

- In this regard: the shaving unit is not "tight", ie trickle during shaving some stubble out and into the sink. Watching television in the living room or at the kitchen table so you should not shave.

+ Easy to read display with no frills. Unfortunately, only three bars of the battery level, but if the work, I do not prefer, as if after a period at 20% no longer shave is possible.

- Possible during the charging process no shaving. Officially for security reasons, since usable even in the shower. But I do not know anyone in the shower has a socket and therefore suspect that Philips just wanted to save a few components.

- In general, although the processing is neat, but overall makes the apparatus in material selection significantly flimsigeren impression than the rugged former Philishave models. A fall to the ground is unlikely to survive the shaver.

++ Gentlest razor that is me come across so far. No tweet and drawing, even with very long whiskers. Minimal skin irritation with me, and I'm really bad sensitive.

- Unfortunately, takes shaving now much longer than in the past, to also really all hair away. There are always left out like that, even if the stand straight up. There is then already, watch closely. After all the metal shaving unit is so gentle on the skin that can also 100x through a site without having to irritate the skin.

+ Longhair attachment is convenient, but does not fit into the small bag pure (not even the power supply has since space for longer trips you have to so something additional arrangements). A hair trimmer, he certainly does not replace, but to trim sideburns or the Soul Patch or temporarily body hair it was good enough.

+ The travel bag is sufficient. Processing quite OK, but not really stable when it is in the trunk times closer. In addition to small, because really fits in only the razor, albeit with plenty of air.

- Price performance is soso. 260.- list price for a razor I find completely exaggerated, especially as the choice of materials is rather mediocre except for shaving unit.


Buy recommendation for those who have problems with skin irritation and sometimes want to shave longer beard. To compensate for patience and a keen eye is needed to really to catch all the hairs.

Even with offers by approximately 180.- priced not a bargain, but OK.

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