Good German Music

Good German Music

Always on the move (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Sometimes it pays just yet made to reduce music awards, because only due to this circumstance I have invested money and time in this great band.

I was a long time not a fan of "gunslinger". In the early years, I found the well-known pieces, with which one has been bombed at parties and on the radio and the like are undoubtedly the phase of the second Deutsche Welle, too simple and uniform.

It took time to convince me. But as in so many areas of my life, I'm an open person who wants to be happy to be convinced that listens first and then - begins to evaluate - often from the subjective-emotional perspective.

"Always on the move" is an album that is already diverse, which has been found between Pop and German rock a successful balance.

The singles had time first grabbed me. I was curious. The lyrics seemed reflecting and expressive. Anyone familiar with the feelings not to be sung there? "I'll leave the light on for you" or "You can take us no more" reflect life - as we know it - again.

After listening to the album through the mind opened up to me entirely. The music expresses joy, nostalgia and passion. Authenticity is something that has always fascinated me, because in a world dominated by media world, this perspective is not always easy to discover. In "Always on the move" shows, however unflattering and thus bridges the gap between k├╝nsterlischem claim and self-expression.

Many people in this country are still prefer the Anglo-American counterpart and disdain good German music. This is a shame and shows how little confidence is in the talents of German artists.

Tear me gunslinger with now, because I have learned to listen to and because I believe that sometimes just yet a desire is to be able to sympathize with what is hidden in the arty claim enemies: the Message, the joie de vivre.

Conclusion: Good Album!