Good product, not disappointed

Good product, not disappointed

H.Koenig SWR28 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black (Kitchen)

Customer Review

Value for money, it is well.
You still have to realize that this is a vacuum cleaner robot entry or mid-range so you need not ask him too!
But what this vacuum cleaner does, he does it well!
Very good suction can (I think the owner of animals) suck the smallest dust.
Autonomy, it is autonomous, programmable to pass as soon as it is loaded (function I recommend because it might wake you during the night, according to your wishes programmable time and day (I find the manual explains very bad programming this vacuum cleaner)
The cons:
- Badly pass on carpets
- Contrary to what I read in the comments, it is still noisy (not as much as normal vacuum of course)
-Notice incomplete use

In short this vacuum cleaner still defects, but honestly for the price, it's worth it!

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