Good product with some flaws to know!

Good product with some flaws to know!

Flash storage unit Wireless Connect 32GB SanDisk (SDWS2-032G-E57) (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

This wifi key is made of a medium quality plastic made in China, a sliding hood allows access to the USB2 terminal. A case would have been welcome to protect the key.

With this key, we have 29.7 GB available. Downloadable applications in the blinds apps (Android, IOS) seem to work. The wireless network is easily installed and can be encrypted WPA2. Ability to insert a microSD card for additional storage. The time transfers / writes are correct. Personally, I used the Android app on my android 4.2 phablet features.

I made the transfer tests between my cell phone (phablet) and the key with file formats:
- Images in JPEG format, file size: 2 MB
- A 300MB MP4 file
- AVI file of 320 MB
- A FLV 300 MB
- A TS 400 MB file
- A PDF file 8MB
- An MP3 file 3MB

The main problems of the key take for download and distribution of these flows, I observed that:
- The MP4 / MP3 and AVI are properly streamed, no shift image / sound, fluid
- FLV Files / TS / PDF-> they are the subject of a download on the mobile phone in the Downloads directory, in short, we must wait a few minutes for the files downloaded from the mobile phone (or tablet). They are not streamed and take up storage space on the phone, the key is then used as a tool for Android transfert.L'application does not recognize programs (MX player, Archos Player, .... ) to play FLV / TS files.
- Images of 2MB took 4 seconds to be displayed (with the key 20 cm from the phone).

The key when activated Wifi flashing. It is not possible to operate in parallel his usual wireless network and the Network Key, choose. When connecting the key on a computer USB port (or a hub), you lose the wifi from Sandisk key. For the wifi of the key is activated, the key must not be connected to a power supply device.

My conclusion: this product will be suitable for tablet owners who do not have a USB or MicroSD and require an extra storage space. It will not be too demanding on streaming playback formats and have storage space on the tablet (or phone) for downloads. Professionally it might be interesting to quickly recover one or more files Office 2013 (Excel, Word, ....) from the key to the computer via a web browser or for managers who work with tablets (Ipad particular). It will consider installing a program to protect access to the key if lost.
This key is a good initiative but for individuals, direct wifi & DLNA already can perform these transfers / content distribution.

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