great product but I weaknesses predecessor towards

great product but I weaknesses predecessor towards

Philips Sonicare HX9332 / 04 DiamondClean sonic toothbrush, ceramic white (Personal Care)

Customer Review

I already own the predecessor the FlexCare and am therefore very pleased with Sonicare. I think they are the superior Braun toothbrushes far as they give me a much better cleaning and cleanliness feeling. But to brush itself I have to say that it has over the FlexCare not necessarily improved.

I do not mean the grooming behavior, the great travel package, the glass etc. That's all 5 ***** value and great. But the toothbrush itself has 4 drawbacks that bother me easy.

1. It is so smooth that it is difficult to handle with damp hands. Usually running while brushing always some moisture along the brush down and, depending on the brushing time is of smooth handle thus very slippery and slides out of your fingers. The FlexCare has a rubber coating in which is not. Here you can suffer the usability for a great look, unfortunately.

2. The battery indicator is equipped with the FlexCare with 3 LEDs. Here, the battery state of 3-2-1 and flashing the last diode can be well recognized. The new toothbrush there is only one diode which although has 2 colors, but the very fact no longer so clearly indicates the battery status. Just when you. Is for example a one-week trip is not known whether they still should invite or not. This was previously better. And the battery it does not help if it is permanently fully charged.

3. The FlexCare has 2 buttons. Once ON / OFF and the level with which you want to clean. This is done now on a button. One chooses therefore up to five pressing from the stage. Before you could set the stage, toothpaste on it and then in the mouth and start. Now you have to eg. Press until 5x in the mouth are you arrived at his program. This is just very inconvenient and a 2-key operation is advantageous in practice. Outside the mouth, it can not be set because you loaded these toothbrushes with toothpaste should not switch because they then inject considerably. But that is of course to the rapid movement and is not a disadvantage.

4. The button itself: This is recessed and has a small gap between the button and the brush shaft. Here like to collect moisture and possibly run-down toothpaste in it. The gap is so narrow that it can not clean properly. When FlexCare this is coated with rubber and there is no column in which water or toothpaste can hide. From the hygienic forth a closed system is certainly better.

Again: The toothbrush is awesome and dressing as there can be no other brand. I can recommend it only. But who wants to buy a new brush should not have direct access to top-quality product. The cleaning power of the FlexCare is equal here and play more the optical points a role. Whether these are now all become better, I must doubt. But that should each decide for themselves. The price difference is not negligible!

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