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The extraordinary journey of the fakir who remained stuck in Ikea wardrobe (Paperback)

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Everyone knows the hypermarket brands whose name and presentation parasitically to stick strictly equivalent product in the range of the true mark. The same phenomenon exists in literature: we have here a calibrated product Vikas Swarup (The fabulous adventures of a hapless Indian who became a billionaire, Murder in an Indian garden), which attempts to restore the zany wit and incredible sense of this very brilliant writer - not to mention the title extension. Oh, and Why bother? It also keeps the Indian hero; it's funny an Indian, it is exotic and wacky wish. Besides, it wears ornate names with which you can have fun - I quote:
"... The court of Maharaja Singh Lhegro Lhe (pronounced The big crazy)."
Yes, sometimes the reader would not have caught the pun - and gag "(pronounced / crappy pun /)" in brackets is blithely used on a good third of the book.
For stereotypes, no qualms: the hero (Indian so) of course fakir thief / con and Buddhist. Buddhists in India represented less than 1% of the population, and if still restricted to fakirs (Muslims), it drops to zero ...? Fortunately, the average reader is ignorant enough nowadays to not worry with the prior research. For punishment, one fourguera him plus the gypsy cab driver, necessarily hustler, ultra-bling, and enjoying a European network of cousins ​​killers with or without wages. Small shifted notes in addition to perfect the kit includes: license plate country code each time the hero suffers a further displacement (always unexpected and crazy) ... with the English name of countries below, do not try to understand. Or rather: we want international sales, and a film adaptation - by Danny Boyle, if possible, it would do well. Otherwise, a less serious still, these poor refugees, Lampedusa and all ... but fortunately all is well that ends well for (almost) everyone (and quite fast; it's good, Coco, was quite pages!).
And he's right, Romain Puértolas: the little yellow books sell like hot cakes, the media is under the spell (now, you are allowed to watch Jerome Garcin in the eye and quite high), readers too, or they do not realize the deception after the purchase (do as I frequent your local library!). At that rate, we can even carve out a personal bio even more unlikely that one writes novels. And I walk a little, no doubt, but I think that's what he did ...

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