Impeccable device.  The taste is very close result of ground coffee.

Impeccable device. The taste is very close result of ground coffee.

Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm Selection, Aroma Selector, limescale, black 101112 (household goods)

Customer Review

The machine is very user-friendly, the Bedienlemente are clearly arranged, easy to handle and easy to clean. With the head-mounted Aroma Select function (a selector) adjusted to the desired flavor intensity (which everybody has to decide according to personal taste. For me personally is the stage "mild" too watery in taste. The level "intense", however, comes at a very close to the taste of freshly ground beans zoom. The feared side taste of plastic remains fortunately off). The adjustable water hardness and descaling or Entkalkungsgradanzeige are a sensible thing and extend the life of the appliance, do not come in my case, but to wear (Background: As a coffee lover, I use only previously decalcified water - even if that extends the preparation time and many too much of a good will. Each as he likes ...).

After the actual brewing process, the quiet is pleasing of equip, the machine switches off to save energy. The closable pot does not leak and the inside mirrored glass bulb ensures for about 45 minutes at a high temperature constant. Thereafter, the temperature drops and after about 2.5 hours, the result is only lukewarm. The coffee is then indeed still drinkable but who really likes hot, should drink the coffee within the first 1.5 hours. The vessel holds 8 cups, according to the maximum (and visible from the outside) water capacity. The product information of Melitta are absolutely correct here.

Packaging, multilingual user manual, processing of the individual modules, stability, Kabelaufstauung: These aspects concerning I see no reason to deduct points. That's all great. The design I feel as not particularly outstanding, but by no means as ugly. That's my opinion anyway a matter of taste and therefore is not in my subjective evaluation with a.

In conclusion I would Melitta Look Therm 1011-12 selcetion exhibit a very good report, especially as five free filter of appropriate size enclosed. Since I could not see any real criticisms I give the full number of stars.

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