It does not matter, but ... damn good!

It does not matter, but ... damn good!

It does not matter, but (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I want to enclose correct a small mistake. I mistakenly referred to "KOOK" in a review as 4. Tocotronic album. Of course we know Toco fans that "It does not matter, but" no. 4 and HOW !!!

(Ash over my head!)

"Do the people" is as simple as it is ingenious, as honest, as it is engaging.

"You want to tell us," is probably one of Tocotronic hits ever. A protest song for young people confused (as it was for me as a - aaaaaaaach schöööööön !!).

"It does not matter, but" is unspectacular, but it is perhaps because BEAUTIFUL !!

"You and your world" - "rock", "grip" - TIP !!

"You're always there for me '- why this song takes only a minute ????? That could undergo from me for fifteen minutes! ...

"The best day of my life" - yes, this boys and girls, is Tocotronic - also great!

"So fast" and "Dear Diary" are, in my opinion, Arne chiding masterpieces during his Tocotronic career. As well as "A young man talking on the train", if someone knows (is it on any Toco plate!).

"As fast as" acts by "heavy" guitar melancholic, yet sassy ... and yet again but overall absolutely melancholic.

"Dear Diary", however, seems to be the funny-splashy lightweight counterpart to be "as fast" - simple but absolutely stunning !!

4 stars because the board is indeed good or great, but overall to "mixed" a bit and looks disharmonious. Moreover, not all singles "It does not matter, but" absolutely a potential hit.

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