Like in the movie

Like in the movie

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (German) (computer game)

Customer Review

For some time emulates the games industry after the great action movies of Hollywood. One tries to players with a thrilling storyline and bombastic cutscenes exactly the same feeling rollercoaster to let out of the action. But rarely actually succeeded in the well, although as a game but actually has the advantage that it is interactive in comparison to the film. But the greatest action the characters as we have already indicated many times commanded in the cutscenes, the story was uninspired, not just characteristic and the action repetitively.

Modern Warfare one has then shown that you do not need press ahead in cutscenes in one game the action to create cinema-like entertainment. Modern Warfare 2 continues the whole, however, now the crown. In the campaign a real cinema experience is provided by the same very authentic-looking characters, very professional speakers (at least in the English version) atmospheric venues and a top soundtrack. In addition of course the usual exaggerated action-packed gameplay. Although the latter has mainly players who have played the previous not really new to gameplay elements - the existing, however, are very well done and the simply fun. Especially when the whole thing still comes in top of current graphics. The difficulty comes in the course of the campaign to the top - but a maximum of demanding and not unfair. Especially as you get as usual recommended a difficulty by a test run of the game at the beginning of the campaign.

Modern Warfare 2 so zealous in his campaign the big action movies and directors of our time by making it no secret. Who something in the genre knows and with open eyes going through the game, which will find the odd homage to films as "The Rock" or "Platoon".

Speaking platoon. This film is part of exactly such as Full Metal Jacket to the anti-war films. They shy away from the viewer by presenting relentlessly and unadorned the ugly side of violence and war. This brings us to the famous airport level from Modern Warfare 2. The manufacturer claims this level to have inserted in the intention of the same anti-war to achieve effect on the players as anticipated films of. This assertion, there were already more frequently - Shellshock Nam 67 justified so as torture scenes. Games functioned at that time, however, very different from movies and the deterrent effect was simply not achieved away. Modern Warfare manages unlike many other titles but by its superior narrative quality in a Comuterspiel given the murder of civilians to produce the same discomfort and the repulsive feeling when players like the large anti-war films have won awards for precisely that. Therefore, and due to the fact that the player has the choice to have them out of this is far from being a drawback.

The solo part of Modern Warfare 2's really good - who has committed a crime, however, the multiplayer portion really belongs beaten. To abandon the idea to server-based online gameplay in a very popular FPS borders on unreality. On the other hand, the system works then but not sooo bad as expected. Host migrations occur relatively infrequently and the ping is in Goßteil the games well. Unfortunately, the system is very Lagganfällig. In addition, every now and then cancels the connection for various reasons. The multiplayer part is ruined but by this system may not - but it bothers definitely and is qualitatively worse than simply competing titles like Bad Company 2. Very weak also is the very low range of battlefields. This is where Activision on the one acquires the fee Download Packs - not good!

So we see the solo campaign is excellent, but nevertheless, very briefly. Who is hoped after long-term motivation of multiplayer though not entirely left out in the cold, but be disappointed and should possibly also sometimes watch the competition.

Prima! 12 98 36 11 Rank: 5/5
November 26
miraculous device Rank: 5/5
June 8
Complete and well done 1 Rank: 5/5
January 16
Perfect except for one ... 1 Rank: 4/5
February 5

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