My analysis of the Samsung B2100

My analysis of the Samsung B2100

Samsung GT-B2100 Mobile Phone Photo 1.3 Mpix microSD Bluetooth MP3 FM Radio Red Card (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Customer Review

It's been three and a half years that I use this phone thoroughly.

Level strength, it is perfect, with everything I've done to him, he resists ([...]).

Sealing level, we must obviously think about keeping the hands free kit closed for not taking that water penetrates. I had problems with my laptop in the first month because of it, then gradually he started walking as before. Now, I have always in my pocket or hung on the boom when I made the windsurfing and it is not rare that I fall.

Regarding the cap from the headphone jack, as with any laptop, this is the first piece of the laptop from. However, he held longer than on my old laptop (Samsung E250) (2 years and a half against 6 months for the same use headphones). With a piece of string and glue, I glued and sealing is always guaranteed.

On the LED, it is relatively strong. It's probably the most powerful LED portable phones outputs along the B2100, but as the MTT mobile multimedia smart today have more powerful properties. To give an idea, I would say that the brightness is about 25 lumen, ie that of a low bicycle headlight range. However, unlike most other notebooks with LED, the B2100 is probably the only one whose use of this LED is really convenient. Indeed, this is not an LED camera flash as on other laptops, so it has an external button that is convenient, and also the luminous flux is in the direction of the vertical axis of the cell. This is convenient for jogging for example, we want natural way the laptop in his hand to where we want it illuminates.

About the battery: The battery has had some bugs early, because of the problem that I had the first month when I was drowning my laptop with the handsfree socket open. Eventually, I think he gradually regained his form. So he would like without problems five days without being turned off, with a moderate use of music. However, the LED tends to pump the battery (it hold a little over two hours with the LED), but this may still be trace my abuse with water. To listen to music, it can easily take five hours at full volume without the hands-free kit. With the hands-free kit, we still gaining autonomy and even decreasing the sound. Finally, as with any laptop, the battery is sensitive to cold, and when it is -20 ° C, the notebook can display 2 Battery bar instead of 5, and if warmed and restarted without reload, it naturally finds its 5 battery bars.

Regarding the camera (1.3MP), I used a lot before having a real camera, and frankly, on a computer screen in full screen, for pictures taken with a high brightness (mainly mountain photo ), we do not see the difference with a real camera. Obviously, if the brightness down, the laptop shows its limits.
On camcorder, I believe that video resolution is insufficient (176px * 144px).

Regarding the media player, I'm a little disappointed, and this is one of the main objects that tempt me to change portable. A microSD card can be put in the cell up to 8GB, which I did. I have a little over a thousand MP3 file on my card, but I have the impression that the laptop is not capable of handling more than 1024. So, some of my MP3 files do not appear in the MP3 player. Then, every time you start the MP3 player on the cell after it shows "Updating ...", we see that the hourglass is running, and I come to time, it lasts 33 seconds. before displaying the MP3 player. And every time you turn off the laptop, the next shot that is used MP3, it restarts this update. Finally, I do not know the other laptops, but I would have liked it to be possible to set a playlist as a particular case of the laptop to save time. Luckily, playlist management, and still more powerful than the Samsung E250, since you can create as many lists as you like, containing as much music as you like, and name that we want.

Regarding the FM radio, RàS, I used a lot, I see nothing to criticize or compliment. I think all portable FM radios are pretty much the same.

Regarding the operating system, the Samsung B2100 is relatively rich in possibility, it is rather well customizable, while remaining very easy to use. It just train a little.

Miscellaneous: In the beginning there were not many people who owned this laptop, I was a little in possession of a laptop unusual since unbreakable. Today, I know a good fifteen people with this laptop, and I also frequently meets people who have it. I think I can give more people who have a B2100 that people who have an Iphone. However, I still know someone who has managed to break the B2100.

In the same kind of portable, a little later, there are also all the MTT ->
The B2100 has a very good value since it is old, but it may be interesting to compare the MTT protection, newer, and with more autonomy (1700mAh against 1100mAh).
I hope MTT soon release a smartphone that is comparable to MTT smart multimedia, while having fewer manufacturing defects, and being compatible 4G, to replace my Samsung B2100.

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