Not for the desk!

Not for the desk!

EDIFIER C3 2.1 speaker system (46 watts) with infrared remote control (electronics)

Customer Review

I bought this very visually appealing system to exchange for space reasons my 2 good sized 3-way stereo speakers.

First of all: As a home theater system with distance from the plant very very nice! But not for my purposes (as a desktop system) ...

After the construction of the boxes (Subwoofer initially under the desk) I was unfortunately very disappointed. The sound of the two boxes came over very muddy. When I turned to the treble settings, it sounded then quickly to bright, optimal center in between there was unfortunately not.
I have a large work desk, and even when I asked the two boxes to the far corners of my desk, the sound seemed to me far too intrusive. It was a loud, unpleasant sound, which also had no deep tones because the subwoofer could not be heard under the desk. Clear, Bass comes in phases, therefore, but I did not manage to switch the subwoofer in the room so that the bass was audible to me at the desk. For the mind very nice sounding bass ballerte in my hallway, so at best, my neighbors had joy in it.

For use as a home theater system:

As I sat down on my bed, which is about 2 1/2 feet away from my desk, the whole system suddenly sounded incredibly strong. The bass was very pleasant (depending on the setting of course) and also the 2 boxes suddenly sounded anything but muddy, on the contrary! The system sounded really like a different person.

A last not quite insignificant drawback:
Either I have the setting can not be found on the fly, but due to the very manageable settings of the system (which does not have to be bad), I suspect that you, the lighting of the amplifier NOTHING Shutdown (unless the amplifier from )! If it is really so, then this must be possible in the future Edifier in new models. The light of the amplifier is quite beautiful, but also very pushy. A dimming function would be nice and an additional option, at least to be able to exhibit the color light. Numbers must of course be recognized. But just imagine, you look a creepy, dark horror film in a dark room and hue to a permanent these amplifiers ...

Short and sweet:

Good sound, great bass, but not when you're sitting right in front of the boxes! As a desktop system to my mind useless because the sound is pushy and mushy. As a home theater system the system really delivers, however, very nice sound! Unfortunately, the light of the amplifier is not dimmable or switchable, which can be very disturbing especially when watching movies! (And if anyone finds out that you can turn off the lighting but that he would like to leave a comment.)

UPDATE: Information for those who are looking for a good desk system also: I have "(44 watts) EDIFIER R1900TII 2.0 speaker system" chose that and do not regret my decision. At first I was skeptical that I presented at the 2.0-conditioning of bass, but that he does! The system is also effective, space-saving and sounds in the near field better than me (ie directly in front desk) and even in the distance, so you can enjoy movies or music so excellent;)

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