Packed intensity in great Widescreen Music

Packed intensity in great Widescreen Music

Audio Secrecy (Audio CD)

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Stone Sour is a phenomenon. Founded Before Slipknot, shut down, revived and now gradually roll up on the way the scene. Was it with the self-titled debut album only an insider tip of diehard Maggots (as Corey Taylor indeed are the distinctive voice Stone Sour's), so there were 2006 "Come What (ever) May have a development with more and more catchy and the now more familiar something "Through the Glass". Live the band is everything, and it is a pleasure to watch guys on stage.

Anno 2010 is now before the latest work "Audio Secrecy".
In brief: Stone Sour has not reinvented, but a plate produced the listener abfordert much and an uncanny intensity adduced was almost accompanied perfectly with widescreen Sound.

Introduced is the album "Audio Secrecy", a nearly 1 1/2 minute instrumental with piano sounds, which ever reproduces the mood quite well until a moment later the first board from the boxes hammering: "Mission Statement". Excellent guitar work, a solid Corey Taylor with catchy in the chorus, driving drums. Just as it can go, because "Digital (Did You Tell)" which is second to none. Quieter tones with "Say You'll Haunt Me" then first posted until Corey in the chorus, "Say you wanna stay - you want me too, say you'll never die - You'll always haunt me" breaks out and the song speed and IntenstiƤt gives. Great and certainly a single release.
"Dying" is the first ballad on "Audio Secrecy", but has a 80-touch really good lyrics, like pretty much every song on the album. Generally it can be said that the board lives of their incredible variety. "Let's be honest" is again rocking and comes quite catchy around the corner. "Unfinished" drives the Drive again to a climax and convinces with hymn-like passages after which "Hesitate" the next power ballad follows. My personal Favourite because Corey all places in the song, and creates goosebumps with polyphonic singing his despair over brings incredibly intense in the chorus. Clearly one has such sounds of Stone Sour less usual, but it must not be bad if you bring such melancholy songs in this robe to / the man / woman. Large Tennis!
"Nylon 6/6" shattered the melancholy of the previous songs and completely breaks with guitar thunderstorm over a start. "Miracles" then makes up where "Hesitate" has stopped, with a so strong text that only so sprout in despair and helplessness. The guitar work of James Root and Josh Rand come to wonderful effect and the dark mood that runs through the album reaches its peak here. "Pieces" on the other hand sounds already a bit more friendly, with vocal feat. "The Bitter End" pops then again really rough and probably the heaviest song on Audio Secrecy probably be.
The penultimate song "Imperfect" is in turn very ballad and touching, and again an immensely superior line of instruments and especially Corey's voice can be discerned. "Threadbare" announces the completion and sound almost epic with a perfect chorus, subtle sounds progressive, and finally back with more hardness. Again the widescreen Sound comes into and leaves the listener at the end a little confused, but very spellbound back. The more often the songs are heard, the more they spread their drive to constantly find their authenticity and the impressive momentum in question, in which one is caught, but also not really a release.

The Special Edition also constitutes 3 bonus tracks "Hate Not Gone", "Anna" and "Home Again" which might as well have fitted on the regular playlist. In addition, a DVD is showing the work of "Audio Secrecy" in beautiful, interesting pictures and also reproduces 3 live performances of the Download Festival 2010.

"Audio Secrecy" is split opinions. Some will miss the old hardness of Stone Sour, the others will have joy tears in their eyes, if they engage in the album, listen to it carefully and read the texts. For me personally it is a highlight in 2010 and my Stone Sour-Favourite because melancholy, intensity and hardness are in an exceptionally impressive line which maketh every fan of hard rock music, the heart.

Stone Sour are just a phenomenon.

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