Patchouli likes it or you hate it

Patchouli likes it or you hate it

Patchouli oil - 100% pure essential oil - 10ml (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I mix this oil occasionally in my acid rinse to give my hair a particular fragrance.

Patchouli have to like otherwise you probably rotate through when you're in for hours on the head. I love it and for me it could actually hold it a little longer.

Still you have to watch a little bit with the dosage. My first order went Rinse something in my pants because I'm a little too enthusiastically dealt with the oil ^^
As I said, I love patchouli. But the day after Gothic to smell, from the age I'm out;)

If you like patchouli, which can be accessed here safely.

But be careful with the dosage;)

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