Quiet and powerful suction

Quiet and powerful suction

Rowenta Silence Force vacuum cleaner RO8366EA Multicyclonic Animal Care Pro (household goods)

Customer Review

Vacuums are divided from the producer himself already in entry-level models and premium class. These in turn are available in the versions without pouch or bag with. As I have already tested some vacuum cleaner, I was asked again and again what now is better than how are your experiences. Now I will show on the basis of two premium models made by Rowenta once the pros and cons. The second is the vacuum cleaner bags Dust RO 8366th

Square, practical, good. This occurs to me at first sight. Rowenta is at the optics more in a modern design, but not so abgespaced as other manufacturers. This ensures, in my view also for brand recognition. The vacuum cleaner operates high quality work, has a long tube, where a real handle is attached, which has integrated a Saugstärkenregulierung. Show small icons for which you decide your covering of the suction straight. Also a typical feature for a Rowenta, is integrated in the intake manifold brush. The premium model, the tube can be better put to the junction. The cheap models, the brush is there something in the intake manifold Weg.Generell has a good length, so small or large people (187cm or 165cm in our case) can suck without back problems. The first impression is definitely positive, with tastes in the optical sector may be different.

The accessories in the premium models are the same. There is even the standard nozzle, a flatter floor nozzle in which the border can be removed to get even flatter them, a crevice tool with integrated extension, an integrated brush in the pipe, an upholstery brush, a movable upholstery brush, like a turbo brush rotates, and the turbo nozzle can not be missing. The accessory is great in the literal sense, because in the entry sector like everything is small. In addition, just extensive and qualitatively. I could see no flaws in this model, still in the comparison model. Sucking with the accessories also makes fun. Just this small turbo nozzle, and the convertible even thinner parquet floor nozzle are really good. The latter might like to be provided with even a joint, because then you would come completely under the sofa. But there is so far, at least what I know so, Dyson the only one. With the accessories you get good clean definitely everything and under the sofa more than this without floor nozzle.

The controls can operate well with the walk, unless you just standing too far away. ;) You have a good pressure point and react accordingly reliably. The cable will be fed automatically within a few seconds.

First of all I should like to say that I see no difference compared to the suction vacuum cleaner bag. We have a total of 140sqm with ceramic tile, laminate, PVC and carpet. Since the accessories are identical in the premium class, the Standardduse is not a real highlight here. It is slightly heavier, but can be a short period of acclimatization push well. She sucks well, in some places, in particular at the edge sometimes you have to go over there a second time because bigger things will not feel attracted, as in models louvered front. But this is not so bad for me, because I always suck once back and forth. The highlight is however definitely the turbo brush. You can be in any soil, particularly on carpet as push butter. Everything is then in turn magically attracted and absorbed ideal. I would recommend it as a standard brush. Hair that just hanging in the brush cutting with scissors and pull out. The vacuum cleaner has generally with small stones, leaves, paper, sand, dust and other little things that are from time to time on the floor at home with children, no trouble. From the suction I would rate him personally at 2000 watts. According to the manufacturer it has 750 watts at 2100 watts theoretical. So get there.

The radius amounts to 11m. Plugged Central, I'll be with us on the ground floor everywhere. He has big wheels remains also like hanging on the cable, which is fixed with a jerk. In silver, the wheels would most noteworthy bit more than in black.

The volume is slightly higher when bagless vacuum cleaner. 68dB, which are also clearly audible. There is only minimal, but compared to the bag vacuum cleaner you can tell it precisely. However, it is compared to entry-level models like night and day. I hear my phone vibrate, ring the bell and can converse normally. The turbo brush it gets louder, I guess here 70 range. But I personally take the rise for better suction in purchasing.

The vacuum cleaner has 2l volume, but is visually smaller. Ic would have guessed at 1,5l. He sits in front and can be easily unhooked. But r has to be tilted slightly for insertion. The filters can be easily removed, however, and go back inside quickly. This cleaning process is greatly simplified. I recommend from experience once every 2-3 months to clean, then you have a lot of fun on the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is a bagless vacuum cleaner modern, but also kept quite classic again. You have to look like, but the square like much. Positive is the well thought out accessories that everyday life easier. Only the Standardduse is slightly heavier. He's really quiet compared to entry-level models and the suction force can convince. In combination with the turbo brush even more.


+ Much, well thought out accessories
+ 1A suction power, dust, sand or even a stone creates, carpet is really clean
+ Suction adjustment Comfortable handle
+ Operating range of 11m
+ Square optics in different colors
+ Quiet with 68dB

o Standardduse slightly heavier

- Expensive

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