Required reading for German music!

Required reading for German music!

Fourteen karat (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Are carat I still do not believe estimated in so far as they deserved it without a doubt. Especially in the creative phase with Ed Swillms are groundbreaking and partly epochal songs emerged (eg Albatross, The Seven Wonders of the World), the international comparison would not need even shy.
I would even go one step further and argue that Karat late 70 / early 80 partially (!!) as the German Pink Floyd sounded by the compositions of her only slightly heavier.
This "Best of" album on which the greatest hits of the aforementioned period are represented, offers absolute listening pleasure, because here no failure is. And at half-way objective point of view you have to admit the ingenuity in terms of songwriting and arrangements. But if one pays attention when listening to this album on the bass lines or on the harmonic changes to qualitative worlds do to compete on - just great.
Karat have contributed their contributions to German music history - in the most impressive manner. Unfortunately, the departure of Mr. Swillms negative sense was very strongly felt ...! The tangent to this hit album but luckily not! 5 stars!

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