So expect a lot more ...

So expect a lot more ...

The Darkest Minds (Hardcover)

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In America, a plague has let die the children. Few are left; What they have in common are supernatural abilities, confronting the adults are afraid. Therefore one has put the survivors in camps, from which no one can escape. Usually. Ruby succeeds, however, and looking for control over their ability to learn the trio Liam, Chubs and Suzume know. You travel through a devastated country, each with its own objective, but still together, until they finally reach the Safe Heaven, the only place where children with supernatural abilities supposedly safe.
My Opinion
So many different aspects, so many unanswered questions - I do not know where to start. The idea was basically class, even if it seems as if the author is not thought through. If all children die and the survivors are locked up, then dies not automatically the population?
Ruby, the protagonist, so one of those survivors who are locked up in a warehouse. At the very beginning, we learn about their abilities: anything read with thought and control, a more precise definition than what we read and how it is classified, namely as Orange (not the fruit, but the color), we unfortunately do not know. But is actually fine too, finally know Ruby even not know why they can erase all memories of himself in the minds of the other with her touch.
So far so good. Using an anti-government group called Children's League succeeds now therefore the escape from the camp, but then she finds out that she can not be trusted and this group and escapes them. She then meets her three traveling companions Liam, Chubs and Suzume, with whom she goes on a breakneck road trip through a devastated country. The three have skills, but their are not classified as as dangerous as Ruby.
Fearing that her touch could erase the memory of them, also the love relationship between Liam and Ruby slow to develop. Especially when they arrive in Safe Heaven, Liam was hardly seen at once because Ruby has to do better in time (what, I will not tell here of course!).
I do not know if it is because the spark is not jumping at me or something else, but I was not deep enough, the love relationship. It was easy to suddenly too much and that made it incredible for me.
Overall, it was towards the end of a sudden everything in quick succession, so I got the feeling that the author necessarily wanted to install a cliffhanger. She had not used. A round end would have been enough to take the next part in attack.
It's a shame as I had high expectations in the book that it was not able to fulfill. The idea is great, but she lacked the finishing touches, the character are profound (particularly Chubs has it done to me), but the relationships are upgradeable. A good start for a trilogy, of which I hope they can do more in the next parts.

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