Sometimes the size DOES matter :)

Sometimes the size DOES matter :)

New Nintendo 3DS XL metallic blue (console)

Customer Review

After I've played for years only on the home consoles, had with the appearance of Zelda - Majora's Mask remake a Nintendo 3DS into the house. Quick, the choice fell on the "New" 3DS.

So I first ordered my little white "New" 3DS. Besides the great design which reminded me a little with the colored buttons on the Super Nintendo, I particularly liked the idea with the interchangeable faceplates.
Unfortunately, the device is small, but a bit awkward for me thus. Especially in the wrist I had pain after a few minutes use. Here I must mention that I do not have giant hands: D
The size of the screen was a little too small. I had read that this has grown compared to the old 3DS by one centimeter on the diagonal. But for the pampered from smartphones in 2015 eye it was me then too small.

So had to be the "New" 3DS XL. Unfortunately, there is not in this know what I first took pity. Black was too boring for me so I have the equipment ordered in noble metallic blue and no regrets. By nice metallic color, the device operates again much higher quality.
Unlike the small version of the XL version is up to me perfectly in the hand. Even the display is a perfect size for me.
The 3D effect is really fantastic and it's really fun to play with. The first built C-Stick I could not test for lack of lack of game, but this makes a more purposive impression. A second analog stick would be here probably the best solution was. In contrast to the small variation, it is also not possible to install other faceplates.

That the necessary charging cable from Nintendo is not provided, I find a shame. Here Nintendo saves for me at the wrong place and thus has certainly ruined the occasional Christmas or birthday party. Should Nintendo really go here to the environmental aspect, so they should sell the charging cable instead of in a blister pack in a cardboard box.

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