Sweeper, a vacuum cleaner, but very pleasantly surprised

Sweeper, a vacuum cleaner, but very pleasantly surprised

Dirt Devil M607 robotic vacuum Spider (17 watts, 0,27l dust container volume, 3 programs) black (household goods)

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Video at Amazon.com view as the main review is please to see the uploaded video of me, there are missing or additional information submitted here in the written part. It is to forgive, that the uploaded images of the operating instructions have not gone by Amazon.

Overall, I am incredibly surprised, especially with the price money (bid price was 85). Noticeably smaller and lighter than the Vileda 142 861 Relax - robotic vacuum cleaner for cleaning in between - particularly quiet and gentle on furniture - for smooth floors and short-pile carpets, a direct effect comparison of both devices is not possible for me due to relocation and therefore completely different starting point. However, the relaxation is also higher, albeit minimal, therefore, but had a hard time with IKEA furniture and the kitchen again to come out, what falls to the Spider absolutely easy. Due to the smaller radius of the housing of the Spider is also more agile and better corners comes out again where the RELAX like once "bogged down" has.

I once let completely "empty run" the Spider, was so exhausted by the battery, which about 86 minutes it took (almost equal to the RELAX).
--- *** --- Edit: After two and a half months, the battery performance
--- *** --- Noticeably waned. I say of me, loading
To have --- *** --- always performed exemplary (only
--- *** ---: Drain, then fully charge), but the
--- *** --- Runtime has already dropped to about 70 minutes at
--- *** --- Average daily usage.
--- *** --- Whether it is here to have a bad battery or so-called
--- *** --- "Deep discharge" (when I come home in the evening is the
--- *** --- Battery so weak that it beeps nor flashes)
--- *** --- I can not judge.

I had preparing the plants put away from the wall to allow better cleaning of the room edges, but this is probably more a matter of taste - who wants to know the center of the room better cleaned, the handle differently.

It stands in reviews, but critics rant about it in the manual written Wore: the use of a vacuum cleaner robot not replace the conventional vacuum cleaner. One should nevertheless regularly move their own limbs to staubzusaugen the apartment.
--- *** --- Edit: I admit that I against this "principle"
--- *** --- Contrary a long time. Since I schnuckelige the
--- *** --- Devils have owned, I had the normal
--- *** --- Vacuum cleaner just twice in his hand.
--- *** --- Even if it would be certainly needed again
--- *** --- See the apartment always cleaned well.
--- *** --- I am completely satisfied.
--- *** --- If there is still a reasonable wet wiping
--- *** --- Machines are ...
However, since especially on smooth floors may notice dust and dirt very quickly unpleasant one by so save a sly helpers, every other day to swing the vacuum cleaner and clean the floor. It provides the robot on, go to work or do the shopping, washing up, this or that, and then the floor is visible pleasant to endure and perhaps it is enough once to be a week actively.

Also, I have no direct comparison for non-hard floors, so carpets. From RELAX I, however, know that it was indeed suitable for Kurzflorteppiche, but he could anything but convincing. Shorter carpets when I had there not well, but even then he had more dirt lying on the rolls than he could take. The operating instructions for the Spiders indicates to remove the brush for carpet cleaning, which makes sense, but if he still works really effective, I can not judge, because in the end the suction port is not 10 cm wide and up so that, at such low power, a carpet is sucked out, pass probably days.

"Staubsaugerroboter" in my opinion is for a definite misnomer, but I did not previously clear. It is in this class rather automatic sweepers with suction mechanism to collect the dirt came up in a container.

My apartment is very well suited the decor was for Spider, the section through various nooks and niches not really comfortable for him. These devices operate most effectively in medium-sized, rectangular and most empty spaces. Yet he really convinced me in the past 1.5 hours to have made a good purchase. There were bodies it is often worn, places he has just reached a time and certainly places that he never visited, but he did not break anything, the running noise is bearable and loses itself in the background when in the next room sitting and also when he goes against the edges cares not appreciably.

The sensor power I find much more enjoyable than the RELAX, because the touch sensor of the Spider can be activated significantly lighter. This means that he does not drive so fast fixed in tight spots. Added to this is that the Spider does have good propulsion to get on carpets and cables away, but he is not yet as strong as the RELAX, which sometimes with so much momentum (and not because of the triggered sensor) and Reproduction got stuck under furniture that it was hard to set him free again and after the first day of testing had many unsightly scratches.

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