Switching is not worth Nero 2014 Platinum (nonsensical renewals)

Switching is not worth Nero 2014 Platinum (nonsensical renewals)

Nero 2015 Platinum (Frustration Free Packaging) (CD-ROM)

Customer Review

I have compared the differences to Nero Platinum 2014 with this version, my unequivocal conclusion, the changeover definitely not worth it.

The Android functions are absolute nonsense! Stream for Android is perhaps ne nice gimmick but nonsense, the TV from your smartphone does make more sense, and that goes with my Sony perfectly with the screen flip, I do not need to Nero. And streaming from PC to TV is also wonderful with Nero 2014.

Burning with the mobile phone is also ne nice gimmick, but totally unnecessary, is also ne moronic imbecile function! Important data on fire / I secure from the PC. Clearly, I need no app. And converting the x-any format I can too.

This encoding is also fast on the stage, for a 2 hour MKV to DVD or BluRay requires Nero in 2014 about 20 minutes
Although the change of a project from DVD to BluRay or vice versa is also quite nice, but does not justify the change to 2015 nor.
I know beforehand what I create, so a DVD or BluRay.

The great new Hollywood tires fonts and animated text effects for video let me completely cold and not move to change to 2015
Ultimately, of course, everyone must know what is best, but whoever I like Nero has 2014 Platinum and the way I think, the coal can save.
I had this version for 34.95 can have, but would be a waste of money out for these ridiculous new gimmicks.

Although Ultra HD is for me not an issue, listen to the conversion into 4K format is also good, but is ultimately self-defeating, because the quality of the starting material thus also not improved (The situation is different, of course, when the starting material, for example from a UHD camera is present).

The resolution changes, but that's all. I give you an example, in theory it's possible to convert a DVD to BluRay or HD Ultra, thereby achieved but still far from real BluRay / UHD quality. The output quality remains unchanged.
In addition, scale and expect appropriate TVs and BluRay players each starting material anyway in appropriate Auflöung high, and me personally reaches Full HD all the time!
Is it all just nice talk, it will not even aired 4K program, or only very sporadically.

Let's be honest, but it's all just wonâ and inconsequential blablabla, every year ne new version, which is always, of course, the best of times. It would have been feasible certainly technically integrate the few new features in the 2014er version, but so of course is much more coal to make.

As already mentioned, these new features be interested NULL and are as superfluous as a goiter! A purchase would be a waste of money!

Here again all the new features in Nero 2015 Platinum, you do not really need:

Stream videos on any iOS or Android device, thanks to the Nero MediaHome Receiver app (stupid app, no one needs)

Nero AirBurn for wireless burn your data directly from your smartphone (idiots function)

Sort and select photos for places you have visited (geotagging) (unimportant)

New Nero launcher with quick access to all Nero programs (not worth mentioning, is also clearly in Nero 2014 Platinum divided)

Quick change of the video disc format in the DVD creation (uninteresting)

Hollywood maturity fonts and animated text effects for videos (unimportant)

Quick access to your online storage Nero (very important)

Five new apps for smartphone packed with advice and tips for Nero 2015 (nonsense, and most important, places only possibly paralyze the smartphone)

Streaming (streaming is also very good with Nero Platinum 2014) on all televisions or media streamer devices, thanks to auto-transcoding

Even more upbeat converting and burning your data (this is said with each new version, but it is not so!)

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January 31
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February 16
Satisfied 765 Rank: 4/5
November 10

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