The best "lost" by the consequences

The best "lost" by the consequences

High Strung - Under Hochspannu (Audio CD)

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I must say that this is the best of the 3 "lost" episodes. The first episode "Brainwash" was such that I thought: The could have stayed lost. The second consequence was a great idea to encourage the listener to Mitraten, even if the story had to suffer under it a little. But with "High Strung" there is a sequence that has truly deserved to be published. The three speakers act as always a routine operation. This means luckily not that they would listen as they would only down drone result. No, the routine is in the fact that they are here again with a lot of fun and joy of it (at least it sounds like).
The story is just as many older episodes. It must puzzle solved, prevailed against adversaries and tasks to be fulfilled. A star I must deduct, however. The end is coming a little fast, and will not be resolved so quite right. As one would a minute can take more time still.
Otherwise, a strong buy recommendation, even for those who do not belong to the collectors and hardcore fans.

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January 26
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September 27
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January 1
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August 27

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