The devil is in the details ... great device, but return thanks to DTS!

The devil is in the details ... great device, but return thanks to DTS!

Samsung HW-H450 2.1 Soundbar (290 watts, Bluetooth, Wireless Subwoofer) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I am also one of the long-suffering, who are a relatively new, flat Super TV at home, whose sound is simply indescribable grottig. Clear that there somehow remedy had to be Gasch monkeys. To let each run with a complete 5.1 system when I. Times news or watch Simpsons was not an option, of course, My claims were 55% appreciation of the TV sound's 40% appreciation of the BluRay-Ton's and 5% listen to music. For the latter, you usually use a freak no Soundbar, but when the modern equipment provide the means of Bluetooth, why not ?! For my "problem" therefore came just one soundbar question. Oddly me all of these devices have pretty much etc. not promised in Media Markt, because my vote to "hollow and tinny" occurred. I had already given up the search in the meantime, when I in the media market, the Samsung HW-H450 could hear. Hey, the sound sounded class, great voices, great 3D sound effects. And the price was really tempting with 17 flocks. So hastily ordered the part. The entire weekend was reserved for extensive testing. I möhte for simplicity here once only on the sound of the Soundbar enter, for handling, ease of mating and so was already written enough.

As would be times of pure TV broadcasts, news, series, movies, etc .. Here you will discover the sound a gigantic improvement. Tones, sounds that were not previously heard were now reproduced. Voices were crisp and precise, although something more ups would have fit. But anyway, I was very happy with it, anything else would be whining at a high level have been. Even without the wireless subwoofer, the bar plays amazingly clean and homogeneous, of course, only at moderate volumes. Those who want to hear rumble, which will be satisfied with the subwoofer. Here more than enough reserves are open at the top. I myself had maxed not even half, more was really not necessary, in this case also great praise. The 3D sound variants are also class, even if only for effect, but still very pleasant. Mission "TV sound upgrade" mastered absolutely perfect.

The Soundbar are known to also play music from devices connected via Bluetooth with it. The decor here is less than a breeze and not worth mentioning. The sound, well ... If you like crystal-clear highs and transparency, will not be fully satisfied here, but this certainly is partly on leaked material (MP3s). However, I have also tested WAV's, which are sounded moderately not circumcised, and they were only slightly clearer. The cause therefore lies here at the HW-H450. But since music playing so was not at my premise, absolutely to cope.

Now we come to interesting - but unfortunately also critical - part ... the BluRay / multi-channel sound. Who buys a Soundbar, expect of course a huge difference compared to the TV speakers. And that is certainly there. It crashes, rumbles and hisses that it is a true splendor (Bourne Conspiracy, Battlefield). In good soundtracks, one is literally of sound "enveloped" (Oblivion). As far as one could be completely thrilled so well here. But one must know the following now;
BluRays added sound almost exclusively in "DTS" (Dolby True Sound). This format is characterized by sometimes extreme dynamic jumps. This means that on one hand dialogues are extremely quiet while following action scenes and effects are extremely loud and disruptive. So you have permanently the remote control in hand and constantly regulated by, or is content that one hardly sees the actor in a moment comes during crawling breadcrumbs from the kitchen in the neighbor ... the problem is known and can easily be ergoogelt, see "DTS voices too quiet, effects too loud". The Soundbar has unfortunately no dynamic control to regulate this, so that I, my wife and my friends found the sound to be very disturbing. That's a shame, because it is - again - on leaked material. Stereo would solve the problem, but stereo is on BluRay's - if at all - contain only English soundtrack. Easy to make the BluRay player to stereo output brought no improvement in me. The same occurs when you see blockbusters on television, about to Pro7, which are also broadcast in multi-channel sound. Because when the soundbar is connected, the sound settings in my television (LG LM47) are disabled. So you have no way to adjust the sound of the Soundbar here. That could only with a 5.1 or at least a 3.1 system and a corresponding surround amplifier. Because here you can adjust the Center separately.

the Samsung HW-H450 is a great device, affords except the slight height weaknesses and mistakes is their 175, - absolute value. Nevertheless, I have exercised my right of return, which is a shame, because it is not really attributable to the soundbar, but the lousy sound, the Hollywood grabs nowadays on the silver discs. Would I see only TV program, I would keep with security. But the fact that I 175, - to pay for an improvement of the sound, and in BluRay then again must see / hear on the TV speakers, has led me to the bar to return again. Whoever wears the idea to create such a device, should pay attention primarily to this circumstance in the store. Let you play for a BluRay and compares the volume betw. Dialogues and action scenes. If the bar manages compensate, you can access - if the rest also true. Can they not there, you will only experience frustration at home ... It is also important to choose a neutral medium, not any demo disc of their respective owners. Just Bose tricking because like to extreme running around times to name a.
4 stars get the product from me, although it would have deserved more. But 5 star would otherwise be perfect, and it is not without dynamic control. For the price, however you get here neatly equivalent delivered!

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