The last good album ASOT by Armin :)

The last good album ASOT by Armin :)

A State of Trance 2012 (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I must say that I bought ASOT 2013, and was disappointed bitterly.

Certainly the trance from 2010 has remained a bit on the track, but still here Trance is offered at its best.

Chilly Instrumental Mucke and POPable Vocal tracks here take turns skillfully.
My highlights are but

Piercing the Fog (Blizzard Remix)
Waking Up The Stars (Alex MORPH Remix)

Perhaps I stand simply on the chilligeren, melodic uplifting trance :)

I can ausprechen definitely only a strong buy recommendation. 5 stars from me !!!

I hope so secretly that AVB returns to his roots, but I want to prescribe anything to him.
Good trance DJs there today, only you have to look for them elsewhere.

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