The mobile scanner solution!

The mobile scanner solution!

TaoTronics® 1050 DPI 1.44 "color TFT color (default) and Mono Handheld Scanner Portable Scanner for documents, photos, bills, books + JPG (default) / Select PDF format (Black) Micro SD card n ' is not provided - TT-DS011 (Electronics)

Customer Review

The scanner comes in a rather bulky box. He inspires confidence and seems rather well finished. Plastic does not break the rule in the area and beautiful leaves fingerprints. A short film Proteus LCD that can be left in place or not to avoid scratches. A real manual (glossy, big enough and detailed) is provided in several languages ​​including French. Also present in the box a small cloth (very small!) To clean the LCD screen, the white band to recalibrate the scanner in case of trouble (if too many or too bright), a CD with 3 programs (Abby FineReader 10, Evernote and ScanDirect) and especially a case for the scanner. Thus, the scanner can stroll without fear of spoiling. Rounding out the package is the indispensable Cabe USB / micro USB which is used both for charging the scanner and read the micro SD card when connected to a PC.

To begin, it is advisable to leave in charge for 2 hours and a half for a reported range of 400 documents minimum resolution (we should be far enough away from this result in maximum mode because I lost 1 point load of 3 taking some time in the menus and scanning documents 15 max resolution). The device turns off when the maximum load. Then we use the big gray button SCAN to turn it on. Must be set (date, time, language), the arrows to the left is used and validates it with the SCAN button. Good surprise, the French part of the lot. To operate the scanner requires a SD card capacity up to 32GB (not included). Care must be taken by inserting it as it is reversed (arrow down and connectors up). Mine was recognized without formatting (16GB HC). Then press SCAN and the machine turns on. We choose the format (JPG for photos, PDF to PDF-A and PDF-A4 L for PDF to letter size). A second button shows the resolution (HI for high therefore maximum, LO for low minimum and thus finally MI for medium). In office color is selected but can switch to black and white via the settings menu.

Finally comes the part where you scan the document. The camera glides well but much to say right away: it took me more than one test before getting a proper scan. You have to find the right speed, if not an error message appears (but still safeguard the scan). And care must be taken to go right if we have the right to waves on the final result. Once the scan done, you have a quick overview. You can return via the read mode and even zoom but it is more of a gadget seen on screen. However the preview is useful because we can see right away if it was globally successful or not. The number of scans is displayed clearly. Once completed stage, you have a choice between withdrawing its micro SD card or connect the camera directly to the PC. A directory is created called DCIM to find his documents. And the quality is there even in low resolution (300 DPI against 1050 max). The result is true to the original and really very good. I have not seen any difference with the scanner I usually use (flatbed).
To give an idea, a maximum resolution pdf A4 is nearly 6 MW, a large envelope nearly 7 MO. A paper 15x10 cm 2961 makes KO max resolution 1098 KO 433 KO medium and minimum. The postcard high resolution JPG is also displayed around 5 MB. A report that the scanner scans the entire length. Also it will go through a cutting software to just have the desired image later if one opts for a different format than A4.

The software comes with a fairly complete air (FineReader) and transforms its PDF to Word format. I tested a bit and the result was more than satisfactory with a PDF from an existing text (instructions for testing) but less conclusive with a scan with my own handwriting. The result is not too bad going with text and vintage images. I did, however, not tested the other 2.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this portable solution that will be used in the scan books and other documents not always easy to fit on a conventional scanner. It is a very good alternative that is worth trying if you are looking for a portable scanner without compromising on image quality.

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April 11
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January 15
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