Tons of Power, class display, good cam and fair price: The Wiko Highway provides a lesser extent a lot for little money!

Tons of Power, class display, good cam and fair price: The Wiko Highway provides a lesser extent a lot for little money!

Customer Review

Let's start with the most important facts at a glance:

- Octa-Core CPU with 2GHz per core
- IPS screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
- Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
- Full dual SIM capability
- 16MP back-Cam, 8MP front cam, also still full HD video recording
- Data Connection: HSPA + with 21MBit / s / 3G + / 3G WCDMA 900/1900/2100 MHz
2G GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- 2 x Micro SIM slot (with all kinds of adapters included)
- Weight: 154g, only 7.7mm thin aluminum frame, back in tempered glass
- Battery with 2350mAh
- To connect 16GB of internal memory, not expandable, but USB OTG capability, ie the possibility of all sorts of USB accessories, such as keyboard and of course especially USB memory sticks)
- 3,5mm jack connector
- RRP: 349 Euro

* Delivery and packaging *

Even with the Dark Side, Dark Night and Stairway I tested Wiko has used a pretty cool, some Smartphone large package in which the respective device on top and was including all the accessories supplied under a transparent plastic cover. That's when HIGHWAY otherwise, but the whole thing seems a little more noble by the matt-shiny material and the Pappbanderole around it.
On the side of the box the most important information can be found.

On top emblazoned the shapely HIGHWAY, which is so rooted that it does not fall out of the box.

Under the unit you then find pretty much everything you need. A In-Ear Headset for different ear sizes, a Quick Start Guide, a micro USB cable for data transfer, which acts together with the power supply of course also supplied as a charger. There is also a plastic cover that mainly protects the sides and the rear and various SIM Card Adapter for different SIM-sizes (if you want to use its micro-SIM but even in another device), and also have a needle, you need to set the SIMs into the slots on the device itself.

As an accessory there are separately for sale also have a matching screen protector and a flip cover, which is nice and soft inside and protects the device and outside a micro-texture surface provides for better grip. It has a positioning function and automatically activates the display when you open. Through the window you have a clear view of the most important information and alerts.

So, enough of the trappings, but simply times purely middle:

* Design, haptic and processing: A treat in black *

By HIGHWAY Wiko has design technically landed in my view a blast. While models like Darkside, Dark Night, Dark Moon and Co. ultimately somehow all looked the same and remembered by design, a mixture of Samsung and HTC devices, there is the HIGHWAY finally some freshness in the portfolio. Although here it can not be the optical line with Sony's smartphones and the Apple iPhone deny, but Wiko brings the two together well. The aluminum edge and the glass on the front (Gorilla Glass 2) and rear (tempered glass) allow the smartphone to come across truly luxurious.

The processing of HIGHWAY is top notch. Nothing is loose, nothing creaks. The three hardware buttons on the unit (on / off switch and volume buttons) not wiggle and have a good pressure point.

The connections are arranged sense. Thus one finds the charging socket on the bottom next to the speaker, and the 3.5mm audio jack on the top.

I got to the unit now already carry around a few days with me, test, use, hold in your hand, make calls, etc., and I have to say that it does not just visually something forth, but also with its only 7.7mm a real flatterer is. How thin it really is, you realize, especially in your pocket or if it for example mini is on the table next to a Xperia X10 and this is half flat.

Through the glass back you'd think that the device surely slip in hand. That was with me at any time of the event, which has even surprised me a little. In bare hands you have the HIGHWAY have no fear that it falls to the ground one. Only in the winter you should perhaps better be careful when wearing gloves.

The slightly protruding camera on the back, the device is not completely flush on the table. For this you can the phone, thanks to the flat and straight left outer edge simply place it on the page (eg storage) and use it as a TV.

* 8 x 2 = gigahertz performance Pur *

One of the highlights of HIGHWAY is certainly the processor with its eight cores that can deliver up to 2000MHz respectively. And that bring this also really good performance, showing benchmarks. Around 30,000 points in AnTuTu and 14,000 in standard quad edge are outstanding in this price range.

Performance-wise, does not come the HIGHWAY to Primus, the Note 3 from Samsung zoom, but it depends on the Galaxy S4 and thus has enough power reserves for the coming years.

Much more important is this fact that the CPU can also be operated in power saving mode, which means that the processor clocked down or shut down individual cores.
If necessary, they are, however, full power back, which show the benchmarks impressive, because here a strong result is also energy-saving mode possible. (In AnTuTu benchmark there are 19673 points in the power saving mode and 29728 in the Full-power mode).

As with the high performance of course always associated the fear that this power to the detriment of battery life goes, I make this point directly.

* Increased battery capacity was the right decision! *

Octa-core processor, Full HD screen: As the battery must be quite rugged. Compared to the Dark Full (2000mAh) Wiko has again upped the ante round-fifth of capacity at HIGHWAY. 2350 mAH does the battery now. And this spiking was definitely useful for CPU-heavy applications such as watching high-definition video pull hard on the charge indicator. Then it shows that the processor is operating because the instrument is properly hot around the camera around. That does not bother to hand or in your pocket, but is clearly noticeable.

Two streamed HD episodes of Breaking Bad, some chat messages on WhatsApp, Telegram and Co., shorter calls, the use of the device as dashcam and speed camera detector and some surfing the Internet (including e-mail check in) I get on well throughout the day (WLAN is active , GPS track likewise). However, the day may not be longer than the (late) dinner. Who morning starts very early and in the evening for a long time will be on the road and the HIGHWAY really uses in detail, should better have a charger case. But do not worry: The normal user is very good throughout the day. Especially Wiko has introduced a new mode under battery that means saving energy and from 11% battery capacity ensures that the device by holding longer.
As with the sister models also allows the battery level indicator in percent natural in Benachrichtungsleiste show up at the factory, which with devices from other manufacturers is unfortunately still no standard.

* Knack Sharp display with phenomenal viewing angle *

The facts are already clear: 1080 x 1920 at 5 inches are a house number. 441 PPI is in the ultra-retinal area, as it is called now Apple yes. And these facts are not only on paper impressively, but in reality all the more. The display of HIGHWAY is knackscharf, has a great brightness and great colors. Particularly noteworthy is the knotless viewing angles, because even if you completely inclined top looks from the side, everything is still fine to read. The service is fun. Photos and videos are absolute eye-catcher. The latter focus will be switched on by the Clear Motion technology also respect. Nor optimized, especially imagery comes to good, which is not beamed in full HD resolution on the display.
By the way: wallpapers are of course again fixed separately for lock screen and home screen.
A funny and how can I find really cool feature is the new shutdown animation of the screen. Similarly, an old TV tube unit switches the screen off. See for yourself on YouTube: "Wiko highway shutdown animation"

10 Finger different problems of the touch screen. More I did not have available. ;-)

I want to make many small improvements that exist in relation to the sister / brother-models. Wiko has really strained and taken many criticism from previous tests for the heart:

* Changes have paid off *

-The Flight mode: While you had to enter each time you exit the Flight mode the PIN (or dual SIM usage even two PINs) the SIM (s) for Dark Night and Co., which is now no longer in the case HIGHWAY. Without the hassle of typing can get the phone out of the airplane mode in the morning. For me a clear improvement!

- The Speaker: Thank Wiko! Finally the speaker is no longer to be found on the back of the device, but the sides (!) Mounted below the phone. But not only that helps the highway at a much better and louder sound when compared to its predecessors, but also the BesLoudness option that you select in the menu under Audio profiles and thanks to which the Speaker receives a significant volume boost. Also this sound has been improved. Even at full strength it sounds clear and good. So makes watching videos or listening to music without headphones even fun!

-Displaytaste Lighting: There were some users who have one of the other Wiko devices rooted only reason, so that they could make the display key illumination on always, as these every time abschaltete after a short time in Dark Full and Co.. This is now over. Through a menu item under the display, the user can decide how he would like the keyboard brightness even now: Auto, Always Off or. I immediately changed the unit of car always. A pleasant feeling is that if you ever detect the soft-touch buttons below the display thereby. The illumination of the keys is as good doses that they do not interfere even in the always-on state while watching videos.

-The GPS: Extremely fast and very, very carefully. This is the GPS in Wiko Highway. I myself had to navigate no problems with the previous devices, however, there were always voices that were not completely satisfied. Either way one thing is certain: I've experienced it with anyone yet another smartphone that as soon satellites were found. Switched on, counted to three and I was connected. After a short time I was able to be located within a few meters. Thumbs up!

-The Power switch is located in an easily accessible height. While namely had to still stretch his thumb at Full Dark, the power button is now mounted finally in a meaningful amount. Sounds like a real trifle, but one can make life easier scary because you do not believe how many times you press this button during the day and how much it bothers you, if that is not easily accessible.

-A Own keyboard: While the predecessor are equipped only with the standard Google keyboard, the HIGHWAY brings the so-called TouchPal keyboard that not only looks good, but also some features brings as one-hand operation, typo correction, word suggestions and called TouchPal Curve, as the Swype works something.

-A Quasi pure Android OS: Although even with the other models of Wiko very little unnecessary apps were installed (such as asphalt), Wiko has at HIGHWAY fortunately dispensed additional apps and brings only the absolute standard scope with which are then primarily Google apps like Chrome and Google+, and of course a calendar, e-mail client and a great file manager, which decreases a lot of work.

-A Greatly improved Launcher: While the Dark Full and other models are delivered by Wiko with little fertile standard Android launcher and there recommended with Nova Launcher or other apps to build something of their own, you have no longer necessarily the HIGHWAY. The app management is built useful new apps are marked as such.
Can also be seen on the pictures that I have uploaded: The icon size is a good choice for a 5 inch device with full HD resolution. When the icons are the Dark Full maybe something came along too small, they are now easier to see the highway.

It has now add the possibility of using the option button on the start screen in simple, new menus easily apps, shortcuts or widgets. There are also detailed adjustable transition effects and even definable swipe gestures, so you can reach the notification bar easily.

-Gestensteuerung: The so-called Smart Gestures are back with it, that you can, for example, the mobile phone by turning mute calls begin by turning the equipment approaching the face when a number is in the display or unlock the device without touching.. All this works now felt much better than its predecessors. Another new feature is especially known from Samsung feature in which you can jump by a contactless wipe across the screen in the gallery of one image to another. A nice gimmick. ;-)

-Advanced Audio profiles: I thought it was indeed in itself has always been good that Wiko its equipment donated audio profiles that are configurable. When HIGHWAY there in addition to the modes already known even a profile with automatic call acceptance as for the hands-free operation in the car.

* Things that are not like any *

Memory: 16GB are Wiko Highway along the way. Around 12,5GB them are usable. Expandable memory is not unfortunately. What bothers me is that, as I already talking about the Dark Full (and also Darkside) mentioned, not very. However, I also do not wish to have my MP3 collection here and also some videos. Then it would certainly be scarce. But for tens of apps, photos, some videos and songs, Navi programs so it was good enough. In addition, a USB stick can be connected via USB-OTG, problems or other films can be played back from where. And in times of wireless and Clouds can also withstand the whole. I can quite understand but if this point is crucial for or against a purchase.

Con- sists Battery: The battery was though reamed in terms of performance, but unfortunately it is not reversible. That's just for such a potent device that just takes on the downside and performance, something bad.
After all positive: If out of warranty to be something with the battery, Wiko exchanges this order at cost, including installation. This then is around 40 euros. A reasonable price.

* Camera: Selfies with more megapixels deploy than other cameras for normal images *

16 megapixels are on the grid, and also on the back of the device. Wow. An impressive number. Based on experience with the previous devices of Wiko who consistently gave good shots, but of course, were no good for the highest photo quality, I was very excited about the camera. And they did not disappoint me. It is fast, fluid and has some funny functions.

In direct comparison with the Dark Side reveals that the level of detail and sharpness in HIGHWAY are significantly better.

Of course, the camera app also brings back some fun functions such as a spherical panorama, smile shot or the ability to create HDR images.
The cam is supported by a highly luminous LED as a flashlight (with an app from the Play goals) works well.

Videos take the HIGHWAY as usual in Full HD on, so with a resolution of 1920 x 1088 pixels. That works smoothly and looks on the phone and on the TV good.

The Frontcam was reamed versus Dark Full and Dark Side again. Here you can not only lead to 5MP, but even with 8MP video chats or just take Selfies. Thanks complexion-smoothing function, unseen even out surprisingly well. ;-)

* Call quality and connectivity *

About the excellent GPS performance I have further been praised expressed myself above. The same applies to the connection via Bluetooth that works impeccably.

LTE and NFC missing the device, unfortunately, which will not interfere with the normal user sure for some quick surfing fans but certainly could be important.
But even without LTE one is fixed with the highway road. The internet connection via UMTS is done quickly, downloading attachments in seconds. That makes surfing fun.

You can make calls with this smartphone course. Actually funny that one of the main categories is often to be found as far back as in this test. ;-) But here there is nothing to complain about. The volume of the handset is good, the opposite is clearly understood. Call is fun and it works well.

* Dual sim features: One of the great strengths of Wiko smartphones *

Finally, I would once more go just as it did in the earlier reports, the dual SIM functionality of the highway. The advantages of two SIM cards should be clear to everyone: you can Private and Business disconnect, you can combine low fares wise, you can use different networks for optimal coverage, etc., etc..! And with the highway has all the options that you need:

You can always assign individual tasks SIM (calls, Internet, SMS, video chat), you can make contacts to specific SIMs, set custom ringtones for each SIM, the SIMs differ by color and much more. You can also adjust that the phone every time a before each call asks which SIM you want to use. Almost every conceivable adjustment.
Unfortunately, there is the highway of the dual-dialer in the call app, ie it has not for each SIM a green phone, but must go to the doubts about the drop-down menu, which SIM you want to use (if you have just one set as the default . Otherwise, the Wiko device asks anyway, what you want to use). That's a pity, but ultimately did not bother us.

* Conclusion *

By HIGHWAY Wiko has definitely made it into the upper class. Tons of Power brings the top of the French and also a featured equipment with a top display and good camera. The processing and the exterior are above reproach. The suggested retail price of 349 Euro is located in the lower price range of high-end smartphones and fair: For that money you get a smartphone that has a really good value for money.

As always, if any questions are, then bring it on! :-)

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