Top Gamer mouse with scroll wheel even better !!

Top Gamer mouse with scroll wheel even better !!

G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse (optional)

Customer Review

If you own an old Logitech G5 yet I had ordered a G400s, one noticed immediately eased the former standard of quality has in Logitech, biting Kunstoffgeruch, cheap-looking processing.
So I thought that it can not be true, and ordered me the G502 Core Proteus.
The build quality is top and the mouse wheel which many criticized sitting in my view, in the right place and also has a top size. The weight and its center of gravity is perfect for the needs of gamers by adjustable weights supplied.

Absolute buy recommendation for those who want a high-quality mouse for gamers whether or Office.

false mcq Rank: 1/5
November 2
Good product, Super Fun! Rank: 3/5
February 2
this is not a helmet Rank: 2/5
April 16
beautiful 1203 Rank: 5/5
September 24

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