very absorbing for a bagless vacuum cleaner

very absorbing for a bagless vacuum cleaner

Philips PowerProUltimate FC9920 / 09 vacuum cleaner (EEK A, bagless, HEPA13) black (household goods)

Customer Review

I once bought a bagless vacuum cleaner because I so wanted to save money and animals due to the many hair have a higher need for vacuum cleaner bags years ago. However, the dirt devil was quite noisy and on thicker carpets he was not particularly successful, their hair absorb hardly. At least there was the sucker no real workload.
So I have a new test with the present vacuum cleaner from Philips started.

Philips has a much better suction. With parquet it comes naturally to grips, on normal carpets, the dirt is also sucked up easily. For deep-pile carpets it needs a little longer, that I may have to go twice over the affected area, but hair & Co. are still eliminated.

From the volume of her vacuum cleaner is also perfectly okay. The noise generated by the suction of the air at the brush is actually louder than the actual teat. I think that says a lot from.

The vacuum cleaner is extremely manoeuvrable and can be easily pulled in spite of its weight on the ground and around every corner, without it somehow blocked.

The seven-meter-long cable to get very far in my apartment, I have to reposition theoretically only once, if I want to suck every room in every corner. After using the cable without jerk, but very supple, rewound.

The dust container can be emptied without dust chaos and other disasters, as it is taken back upwards and get stuck no remains between the container and suction hose. Whatever the container is very large.

Overall, the vacuum cleaner makes a very high-quality impression. The suction tube is very stable, the same applies to the Saugschlitten and all related buttons and controls. Only the metallic colored coating on the dust container not like it really, because they can act less wertig the nipple, as it actually is.

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