We love or hate

We love or hate

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Keyboard Ergonomic QWERTY Wired (Electronics)

Customer Review

The palm rest is just great and very comfortable on it no complaints.

The keys are "balanced": they are "soft" and yet strong enough to not feel like typing in a vacuum.
They are not especially quiet without being too noisy either. They are broad without being too imposing.

Bad point against for the space bar, which in turn, is much too harsh compared to other keys. It goes better using his thumb, but still.

Another bad point: it is impossible to assign to the zoom slider. Same for the key programs, for which there can not assign macros. A waste.

Overall this keyboard will not please everyone. Either love or hate it.

Personally, I like the ergonomic side that becomes obvious to use force. Met my expectations so.

But it is clear that we must go through a learning period, and put aside a lot of reflexes acquired with other keyboards.