Worth every penny!  For many purposes, more than enough!

Worth every penny! For many purposes, more than enough!

Electronic Star 60cm endoscope camera gooseneck with USB interface (viewing angle: 64.5 °, splashproof, + Carrying Case & Plug & Play software) IP66 standard (Electronics)

Customer Review

The camera gets me 5 stars! Reason: It is inexpensive in terms of "their good value for money!"

- Sensitively controllable and sufficiently bright lighting in all situations, which is actually carried out so that the camera does not hide yourself!
- The image quality is not a quality endoscope camera with Consumer Optics -. It may not be and also the material, for example in the price of the handle is simple plastic, but for most purposes it is sufficient and if you do not tosses the device in the workshop - What you should never do with optical equipment, then that's ok!

My purpose is multi-faceted, including cavities of motor vehicles with self-supporting body in order to assess their condition can, or to evaluate a done cavity sealing.
Here were a few cm. more gooseneck pretty, but you got along.

From a distance of about 4 cm to the object, the camera delivers sufficiently sharp images. It is therefore not suited to very close to an object, a magnification, so to achieve a magnifying effect to display objects bigger than you see with the naked eye.

Of course, the appearance has color defects (edges and corners of the observed objects can color fringes have) and is of a perfect achromatic (color-corrected optics, the error caused by refractive error of the lens compensates for) a bit far away, but all in all this is for the price more than ok! No one is going to do with a camera for 20, -EUR things benötiken a most significant look.

Conclusion: An endoscope camera that is not only worth its price, but also for many applications more than sufficient (quasi satisfactory to stay in school grade jargon) useful. The included carrying case provides a sheltered accommodation when not in use.
Anyone who handles reasonably careful with the unit, can last a lifetime and it achieve decent results.

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