Zelda is still there.  Zelda is still perfect

Zelda is still there. Zelda is still perfect

The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess (Video Game)

Customer Review

Unlike the Wind Waker had a little divided the fans of Zelda, Twilight Princess takes chip stocks back toward a more mature style that had made everyone agrees at the time of Ocarina of Time.
It really is the kind of title that makes the most of the console, the environments are amazing adventure has never been so long. Once it plays, we wonder how we could do without such a wonder, the feeling of freedom is everywhere.
I play Zelda since the beginning of the ties and I am amazed that almost 20 years later, the series is still a reference in adventure games!
It's a good idea from Nintendo for bringing the title on its 2 consoles, you will be really proud to always have a GameCube when you play Twilight Princess as it is and it will certainly remain the most beautiful game console 128 bits.

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March 8
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November 16
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February 3
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December 9
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June 27

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