5 Star - still room for improvement on their own

5 Star - still room for improvement on their own

GARDMAN Bird Feeder heavy for feed metal version (garden products)

Customer Review

We have the 'big' version with four landing rods / E308496 (mounted on the pole) and the 'small' / E308467, suspended from the Shepherd Stock. Both are right or left from the tried and true small wooden bird feeder.

Without the positive comment points (almost all) apply to repeat, the following practical note:

After erecting the two Gardman-feeders, I noticed that the birds assumptions both columns at once, but obviously lingered on the silver, thin, metallic, relatively short landing rods reluctant longer. Tentatively I brought the firewood an approximately 8 mm thick branch (already, how many branches, a 4 mm Mark had), cut 5 cm and 6 cm long pieces from, drilled them on with a 5 mm drill and clapped the small branch pieces on the landing of larger rods column. Almost instant results: At the 'groomed' column was real scrum, the birds stayed now on the bars and even hopping from one to another. On the other hand, there was little column country silence. So I prepared the small column with the result that after a short time ceased operations there.

My conclusion: birds like natural (branches) over k├╝nstrliches (metal). And you may also convenience - namely the long rods (I had this should perhaps make even 1 to 2 cm longer).

Enjoy possibly try yourself.

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April 3
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December 20
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July 9
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February 21

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