A perfect fit for Sony RX100 (MK2), very well made, practical pockets, good padding ...

A perfect fit for Sony RX100 (MK2), very well made, practical pockets, good padding ...

Sony LCS-CSJ universal case for Cyber-shot W, T and N series (Accessories)

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Introduction: bought before Christmas as a bargain, the Sony RX100 MK2 and wanted at a price of just under 400Euro a bag, in which the camera is well protected and at the same place for a 2.Battery and memory cards.
From my previous camera I had the benefits of Hama Hardcase Bag have appreciated and out the battery in accordance with me separately.

Perfect bag for the Sony RX100 MK2 !!!
It seemed prolonged investigation but not very easy for the Sony RX100 MK2 to find a matching bag. Especially the MK2 appears opposite the Variant 1 in some places to be somewhat ausladener. (Go therefore assume that the Variant 1 also fits in there.)
So I opted for this bag, though it is officially designed for a completely different camera (according to Sony-Page).

For ca.16Euro a manufacturer-pocket ... because foreign suppliers are not just much cheaper.

The first thing was immediately noticed an extensively long shoulder strap and no longer strap in my known hardcase. Thus, I can reassign me loose cross as grown man.

Second, the very good, not too soft padding fell in front, behind and to the sides. The main compartment is on the accessory pockets one more time gepostert so that a 2.Battery (at normal pressure) is not equal to destroying the look or display.

The camera fits very well into the main compartment, which can be opened by 2 zippers. So you can be looking out the wrist strap to the camera, this place around the wrist, open the zipper and safely remove the camera (as I always do it, because I very carefully Bypass with my cameras).

The two other pockets have only a zipper.
There is a larger accessory pocket, which still has a presence of line division, which can be very good store memory cards or cleaning cloths. The square in front of enough for a 2nd or even 3.Akku. The original batteries a small protective case is settled, I would but omit when 2 batteries in the accessory compartment.
I have behind the safety net a Memory Card Hard Case and the 2.Battery in a hard case, which then bulges the bag a little. The zipper is the way almost to the accessory compartment floor on both sides, so that can be opened wide the bag if desired.
(Since I have no 3.Akku, but I can not guarantee that it really fits in both there.)
This large accessory tray is actually not large enough to accommodate the Sony AC adapter and the associated 2 cable.

The front pocket, which looks as if it were two smaller pockets, is very (!) Cut. It fit in there 2-3 memory cards (without case) pure, but it requires some finesse they fish out there again. With two fingers there something out "rummage" like for petite woman hands straight (!) Still go in men hands it is more difficult there. Especially when something is also in the accessory tray. Perhaps more of a specialist for cleaning cloths that you can see out if a not interfere with the optics ;-).

Belt attachment?
On the back is a closed "loop" that is sending you attached with a push button on the pocket. You can either pull the belt through the loop so if you can hang the bag rather something deeper (open pushbutton) or through the loop at the closed pushbutton (cut the belt).
The pushbutton has a very good tactile feedback, so will not open too easily.
The closed loop but, even with a open the push button just happen that the bag sliding down something on the belt, but they can never "lose" ... unless the loop tears violently from his pocket from ;-).

So consistently excellent original bag for a very reasonable price ... which even in a rougher handling the camera protects well.

Highly recommended !!!

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December 13
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August 10
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October 4
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June 29

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