Absolute class 5

Absolute class 5

Incutex universal protection bar set of 2 Garage Protector Door Edge Protector Wall protection adhesive (Electronics)

Customer Review

== Incutex universal flap ==
For testing purposes, I got two of these protective strips, which I desperately needed and himself did not come up with the idea for such to schauen.Auf Amazon cost two of which 8.99 euros, which I did not pay and this got put free at your disposal.
In our garage, we have the parking space right on the grid, resulting in ugly paint damage on the car door with the time and annoys me that.

== == Appearance
Two black plates were delivered to me, the one side, of course, it has the protective film, as it is the adhesive surface. The material is so soft, yet firm and is about 2 cm thick.

== == Cropping
Use can be the different, we are attached to the grid with us in the garage, where I cut through about half of the plate with a knife. Well, I think that you get a smooth cut surface and the material does not bröselt.Das protective paper on the back can be pulled off with a jerk and previously solved well on the corner. Cropping is for me an important point that should not be plucked look, but quite smooth and no matter how wide you here the strip needs, with the knife is the fast and you sauber.Verwendet here but a knife was not as sharp, the cut surfaces are plucked something and see crumbly and has a few crumbs from the material. I had this cut with a knife and ruler, the bar, what went well and I was able to cut it even a millimeter.

== == Gluing
Remove the protective paper on the adhesive side can be removed without trouble and the bar I have attached here in the garage, on the metal grid. The application was fairly easy, something press against it and then it had gehalten.Aber also with us on the balcony, I cut my strips to close the gap at the bottom of the timber wall seal and at the same time it is our bank fernhalten.Ein distance from the band to wooden wall was attached, as these scratches on wood slightly and both will be damaged, which must not be and I have habe.Angeklebt below 5 then attached the strips I use this on the timber wall, but that is not coated the bar here good hält.Da Both strips are placed where humidity and heat goes, I can say that keeps the adhesive surface absolutely good and not come off the rails hier.Da we always have beautiful rain on the window, the strips of which are not spared, but humidity suck it not fortunately. Everything keeps absolutely tight, as long as the surfaces were cleaned well prior to use, the otherwise these ab.Auf wood and metal solve keeps it pretty good with us.

== == Protection
In the garage there is me at the open car door, but much more so that the door no longer be beaten to the grid, which the bar is absolutely well abfängt.Schlägt the door in the material of the strip, there are no scratches on the paint and the strip itself only has a slight impression of what goes away alone again and you see nothing. Absolutely robust the material, takes only slight marks on, does not suck up moisture and the cold and heat does not affect the material.

== Conclusion ==
Easy to cut, stops wood and metal fixed well and here does not dissolve ab.Ideal for protection in garages, as a spacer for outdoor furniture or other protection to be required. Well, here is the material, which is absolutely weatherproof.

Fits very well on Sony Alpha 77 Rank: 5/5
October 2
Cute and funny Rank: 3/5
January 18
For now ... perfect! 1 Rank: 5/5
December 29
TO BUY 23 Rank: 5/5
March 12
Industrious 5 Rank: 2/5
April 8

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