Absolute space miracle

Absolute space miracle

Kipling DEENA ladies shoulder bags 26x19x13 cm (W x H x D) (Shoes)

Customer Review

For years, I take Kipling bags and buy myself every now and then a new one. Although they are settled in the upper price segment, so I consider myself back with frequent purchases and do not begrudge only from time to time a new me. If they were cheaper by a third, I would often times purchase.

When unpacking, I was initially very disappointed. I thought to myself: What, so much money for such a pipsqueak. I had in mind, she returned. Then I looked more closely at me and filled the contents of my current Kipling bag at times. It is a space saver, though my Reeth much better like in terms of size. But it no longer exists. I do not understand why you just take good running bags out of the program.

These Deena has one main compartment with a secret compartment. then forwards a large compartment and a compartment at the front again, all with zip. Back on the other side she also has a zippered compartment, which is covered with fabric so that the zipper is worked obscured.

The handle is adjustable and crossover usable. which is always important to me that I may have your hands free. The Deena is easy, as are all Kipling bags easily. My things I bring under and pinch even a small water bottle. Inside it is completely lined, luckily with a bright color so you can see the content as well.

I have the beige bag, it should be one that fits as many things. The cash investment will be worth and then but the bag is to be used as often as possible. The color is a little like stone with fine veining. The little monkey plastic hanging on the side. Unfortunately, even here a Plastikaffe happened to the beautiful fur monkey. With us the Kipling monkey were collected, but the plastic things do not look like much. A pity.

It houses a lot. The bag is easy and convenient.
The missing Fellaffe and the steep price for a small bag let me give four stars.

Recommended 149 Rank: 5/5
April 10
especially small and large bottles Rank: 5/5
September 8
top! 156 Rank: 5/5
December 14
December 14
Not bad but not ouf Rank: 3/5
September 27

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