After some doubt on the proper functioning of these 2in1 joysticks, it is ultimately a great buy!

After some doubt on the proper functioning of these 2in1 joysticks, it is ultimately a great buy!

2in1 Controller Wiimote Controller + Nunchuk + Wii Motion Plus built-Red (Electronics)

Customer Review

This may seem obvious to devout followers of the Wii, but if you do not think to synchronize the handles (small red button just lying beside the batteries) together with the console (under a cover, there small rectangular red button marked SYNC), well they just do not work ...
(The supplier may however join a leaflet or a visual to avoid frustration when trying product is started).
Once this manipulation performed, we tested with Wii Sports Resort game, and they work very well.
In summary, this is a very good buy (functional product, unbeatable quality / price and good packaging).

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