All-in-one solution with an excellent price-performance ratio (incl review Overview of product lines) 1

All-in-one solution with an excellent price-performance ratio (incl review Overview of product lines) 1

Sony BDV-N5200W 5.1 3D DVD / Blu-ray home theater system (Bluetooth, wireless LAN, NFC) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have in the last year already the "Sony BDV-N7100WB 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System" rated, whose features "1000Watt / 4K UltraHD upscaling / 3D / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC" is not in vain Read similar to those of the "Sony BDVN9200WB "I had to rate recently. It is with "1200 watts, 4K UltraHD upscaling, 3D, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, NFC, Spotify" is very aptly paraphrased roughly.
Who the various product images look at Amazon to the BDV-devices, which reveals that these two devices obviously come from an equipment line and have a very similar style. Ever the latest Sony home theater systems same very strong - so it falls Otto Normal customer become a bit difficult to distinguish. I will therefore post this review even with the discussed later in other models.
The reader is in fact perhaps even at this point - like me - the question "What's the big difference now?" - Because the BDV-N7100 costs about 500-550 euros, while the BDVN9200WB least with nearly 750-800 Euro proposes to beech and you can get other devices already for 300 euros, while reading the product descriptions very similar. Said the example of the comparison between N7100 and N9200: Is the difference really in the 200 Watt to find "performance difference"? Or is the difference only in the design?

Anticipation is to say, seen from the N7100 from the "next" generation of devices that the N9200 comes. The "2" instead of "1" indicates it. Visually, the difference is minimal - the "new" generation comes easily "folded" and therefore waived the actual players now favor a somewhat more discreet solution to the blue glass-inlet in the right part of the housing (like I paraphrase that?). Another reason for the departure from this distinctive design feature: It now uses at the level speakers multicolored LEDs to allow for a kind of "Ambilight".
However, the design is still a matter of taste: Some do not like it, just some. In itself leaves a lot to discuss, if you want. In the white N7100 anyway, we still have with us in action, just gave me the blue splash of color or the blue light fell on the device - it is a good counterpoint to the otherwise rather dignified, restraining style. Power better in our living room than any black piano lacquer miracle. I have to return, waive the further below mentioned "multi-color" LEDs, so I can live.

Let us briefly discuss the existing product lines and then look at the key features of the N9200 accurate. That makes more sense in my eyes, as at this point chew again the product description of each Sony devices and repeat the substance of any other reviews.
Sony has therefore the "ferrofluid" devices segment ("N"), a new generation of devices, which is divided into N5200, N7200 and N9200. The predecessors are therefore N7100 and N9100. From the N5200 there is, it seems, no direct predecessor, but here probably takes the BDV-N590 the place - you do not nail me but firmly on this equation. There is so far no apparent successor to the previous N8100.
Since the plants within each product line as peas in a pod same (all devices - both product lines - may Dolby 5.1, 4K, 3D, Full HD, have ferrofluid speakers, Triluminos Colour, NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN, 4K upscaling) and one (actually at second glance and) only can tell the difference "The speakers are different" here at first glance, a comparative look is certainly worthwhile: Depending on what you will ever "be beaten" in your living room can, worth it is necessary, "just" a N5200 or N7200 to buy and to dispense with the "towers" of N8200 and N9200. Within the equipment line increases with "the number" primarily the size (and quality) of the supplied speakers; the number is due to Dolby 5.1 incidentally always the same: 5 speakers (4 standing, one lying down) + a low frequency speaker (= subwoofer). Of relevance to this consideration are actually only four satellite speakers.
Grob can say this across generations:
- N590 / N5200 has quasi four "mini" -Satellitenlautsprecher; Power: 1000 Watt
- N7100 / N7200 has four half-height speakers; Power 1000 Watts also - unlike the N5200: the speakers are lit and the rear speakers are connected via private WiFi *
- N8100 / (...) has two half-height speakers and two (high) tower speaker; Power: 1000 Watt (lit, turn with WiFi connectivity *)
- N9100 / N9200 has four (high) tower speaker; Power: 1200 watts (lit, turn with WiFi connectivity *)

Apart from those listed here "N" devices one also finds at the moment devices like the NF7220 (a Dolby 2.1 system with 150 watts on the basis of the "N" line) and the NF720 and NF620 the (also Dolby 2.1, but for 400 watts). All three also with the very good ferrofluid speakers.
The somewhat more favorable "E" -Gerätelinie relies on "normal" speakers without ferrofluid and "WiFi Connection" *. Also this line makes Dolby 5.1 and I hear with acquaintances (an E6100 have) not much difference, which is why these devices for those with a budget well might be an alternative to "N" line: With devices like the E6100 (4 tower speaker, 1000 watt) , the E2100 (4 compact speakers, 1,000 watts) and E4100 (2 compact, two tower speaker, 1000 watt) is the line very similar set up as the "N" line. Again, there are 2.1 versions - namely the EF420 (analogous to the NF720, 400W) and the EF1100 (analogous to NF7220; 150 watts).
All these devices have in common is that they carry the prefix "BDV" - that include Blu-ray player. Who still uses DVDs, which can be found in the "DAV" segment again that I did not want to discuss further here. The devices of this segment (eg TZ715 and TZ140) can also Dolby 5.1, but act in addition to the BDVS not only because of the DVD player somehow antiquated.

* "Connected via its own WiFi" in this context means that here the rear speakers are plugged in to an additional component, which is connected via WiFi to the actual player. Advantage: you do not put as before along the walls around the entire room, the cable for the rear speakers.

You remember: Sony has a lot of devices on the market that could potentially come for you in question. The actual differences are not really obvious. So the distinction between N7100 and N7200 is for the average customer eg rather difficult to see: Does it make sense here, to buy the "newer" model? If you look at the N9100 and N9200 on the - does it make sense not to look at the E6100?
I would first like to respond with a big "yes and no". In my mind, it makes sense to be - confronted with the decision - sometimes for the N7100 instead opt for the N7200, if you want to save a few euros. This gives almost the same thing - the N7100 is the N7200 minus some additional features and adding a "blue" color swab. When deciding between the N9100 and the N9200, it looks similar, which one should consider the E6100 as an alternative even if you can live with that because that one has to draw a lot of stripping for the rear speakers and the ferrofluid-speakers now even in sound direct comparison better than what the "E" line brings (but, be honest: how often you compare two systems "side by side"?)
Within each product line, you can just be guided on what you, "too big" or perceive as "too small", "fit" for your living room.
All the products that are listed by the way have in common that they can be relatively easy to build and configure. Sony relies on simplicity, though you have but looking in hindsight also from time to time according to "Feature xyz", because the menus are sometimes confusing, so Sony devices are but exemplary of usability.

Among the features:
The features described above, the N-line (Dolby 5.1, 4K, 3D, Full HD, ferrofluid-speakers, Triluminos Colour, NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN, 4K upscaling) are self-explanatory. If you have specific questions here, so please come to me - I want to avoid urgently here to fall into the 1000th repeat the content of other reviews.
With the new generation of N-line now "Spotify" has been added, where I am still check if my N7100 not after the last software update (which, incidentally, come fairly regularly) can also stream Spotify. It is quite possible. The ferrofluid-speakers are an example of "good speakers" quality. This has not changed in the new generation. In particular, the way things are robust - have with us a little chaotic relocation without problems survive (and yes, they are pleased us down). But back to the "new" N devices: You can now as a kind of "Ambilight". At the back of the tower speaker LEDs are now secured that emit depending on the setting in the cycle or by such other features "situational" A Different Light. Reminds halt strongly Ambilight (Philips), but is still miles away from. But here Care: The components are yes everyone - can be done by software update quite a bit.
In conjunction with other Sony devices (eg Bravia) give the BDVS all lines not only as a model student, but suddenly as the industry leader. Here, the devices play their full potential in terms of Triluminos, 3D and (if available) of 4K. Our Toshiba televisions comes me here sometimes really going like a brake.
Very exemplary way - I notice it on, before I forget it: The "expensive" BDVS Sony are generally remote controls in which natively "talk" with Bravia TVs and they can operate. The major manufacturers like Toshiba and Samsung (etc.) are also covered - even in satellite receivers. So you can control everything with a remote control at the end if necessary.

At the N9200 I note yet separately short that I have the previous N7100 only therefore not replaced, however, because the concept of "big" tower speaker does not fit in my living experience or my concept of my living room. We have a lot of white in the living room and the white version of the N7100 fits here perfectly into the concept - the two relatively compact speakers next to the TV hardly be seen - the other two disappear behind a heating panel. Thus briefly about robustness: I recommend it, although now aware anyone (Motto: "Everyone has his own heat staues Lord"), but you can leave the player well in the drawer of eg a BESTA disappear from IKEA. Featuring a convenient "IR extension" from Grabbeltisch (15-20 euros) you can make virtually "invisible" the player then. So far I had no problems with heat buildup etc.. Ditto with the speakers behind the heating panel: You are pretty close to the heater and work still problems. Only with the "WiFi" -Konnektor I would be careful in your place: The device has so many air holes that it almost "not cover me up!" screams.

Conclusion of the N9200:
Smooth 5 Star for the excellent price performance (despite the high price). Compared with the other devices of the series 4.5 stars would be perhaps more meaningful, since the power of the jump definitely to be evaluated with 5 stars N7100 / N7200 perhaps the few hundred euros difference does not quite justify. Who wants to drive more favorable compared to the N9200, which should (if he / she / can live it with smaller speakers) first look at the product line "down", if necessary, look at the price of a device from the "last" generation and then - when these prices are still too high - look in the e-line. The is also good and definitely on a 4 star level (so I will evaluate these devices according to, if I put this review there as well).

The N5200:
The comparison with the 9200 needs the N5200 not fear. Feels like it's kind of the "students" - or "student" version of the "big brother" - of presentation and performance-wise, the devices cover virtually, so you really only here at the speaker size and the lack of "WiFi" - attaching the rear speakers anything can moor. Despite good 4.5 stars (only times as 5 star marks).

If this review for you was "helpful", so do you rate drop them a note like that. For suggestions and questions please contact the comment function. I'll do my best to respond quickly. If you liked something generalizing approach this review displeased, so please bear in mind that, given the complexity of the product lines for many customers another "that detail what I like and this is not" -Rezension which or on subjective characteristics such as the packaging or the alleged actual "sound quality" is processing, would be unhelpful.

Addendum to 5200W:
Thanks "Thomas P." I was taken to a mistake on my part carefully, which could have a sustained influence on the assessment of the 5200 course: The unit also has wireless rear speakers (!). Here seems "only" the size of the components and the lack of LED lighting compared to 7200 to give the rash.

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