At this price ... that's a very good camera

At this price ... that's a very good camera

Sony SLT-A58K SLR digital camera (20.1 megapixels, 6.7 cm (2.7 inch) LCD screen, APS HD CMOS sensor, HDMI, USB 2.0) incl. SAL 18-55mm lens (Electronics)

Customer Review

After so about 1500 pictures and a few videos I can time a first statement on this - indeed, one must already say so - Rate this marvel of inexpensive photography. This review is purely subjective. Many photo tests already certify the A58 so a fairly good picture quality. But I will myself beware allow comparison with other cameras (except for A55, as offers this comparison for me). I'm happier switching from Canon to Sony. In between, I have sometimes the "Compact snapping" such. B. tried a Canon SX-1. In addition, I exchange regularly with "Photographer" in the company. There is really almost everything here: from the Canon 5D, on various Nikon to div Lumixen.. You can learn from the fact that there is not the perfect camera for all. Everyone has different hands, different priorities, and even other eyes. While the likes a tack-sharp images, like the other wonderfully soft transitions (yes - I know you can do that quite set, but the different cameras have different characteristics). A warning ahead - this review is long, but I hope so mitzugeben to a tip or two, even if you opt for a different camera. Here there are quite a few good reviews, please read this also - because you can already learn a lot about the a58:

Before you start running may and just one (or those) camera to buy (. Eg due to reviews or test reports), I advise you: go maybe once take on a quiet weekday of their choice at the next best Blöd- or Geil market and a good piece in the hand. Do not get full talk and try it out in peace. . The A58 eg is compared to Canon or Nikon - DSLRs, or even in comparison to the 100 - Alpha models (A580, A350, A390 ...) very small. The dislike each and the so-called haptics is quite a weighty purchasing argument. The best camera takes pictures crap when you can not hold properly.

Keep in mind that it is not done with the camera alone !!!! (Yes, 4 exclamation mark)

One need accessories in the form of memory cards, extra batteries (min. 2 still is optimal) and a camera bag (all "no alternative"). Kindly eats the A58 the old batteries z. B. the A350 (my old secondary camera). This makes the additional procurement of additional batteries affordable. Of course, you can buy additional batteries directly from Sony, which last longer ... but it does in my opinion for the hefty additional price not make much sense. There are good secondary suppliers (looking to talk to "NP-FM500H"). The Sony charger also charges the reliably. The battery lasts longer than z. B. the A55 by far.
Memory cards should not buy too cheap - Class 10 is already mandatory. 20 Megapixel must be written in a reasonable speed. If you sometimes just want to see how your image has become and having to wait for the camera ... is stupid. When a55 still a Class 6 has passed, with the A58 that is too slow, especially if you use the "automatic rifle": There is a function to 8 frames / second shooting (at the A55, 10 images). This actually sounds a little machine gun and always causes astonished faces other photografers. Here the a55 a58 is the way of the superior - on the one hand it is faster, on the other hand they take in full resolution on. The A58 reduces the image format. Why now the A55 still get along with less memory card speed? Hmmm ... maybe the memory buffer is higher in the A55.

Camera bag does not really matter, but buy only not too cheap and too small. It's annoying when a camera bag and its contents from falling (even 1.20 meters can be enough to a few hundred euros to destroy reliable) because the belt is torn. Also annoying is when the selling to Tele (more on this below) no longer fits in is.

You should also to the purchase of additional lenses in their budget plan (see further below, M42 lenses):
The supplied 18-55er (also in the 2nd generation) is still not the "Burner". Of course, it takes pictures, the AF is fast enough, the weight nice and light, too loud, the AF also not (interesting in the movies, the A58 offers as the A55 Continuous AF (if you do not know it, google times after that in to explain fully here beyond the frame)). If not for the image quality and the weak light intensity would be.
Imho replace the 18-55 best directly by a "Tamron AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD ASL" if you want to stay in the same focal length range.
Yes, I know - which is relatively expensive, but good. I like to compare this with a car and the engine. The camera body is the car, the lens of the engine. You would not want to drive a Porsche Golf diesel engine? (Ok, that's not necessarily the sports car among the cameras, but ... I think you understand what I want to say a58).
Alternatives to this are the "Tamron AF 28-75mm 2.8 XR DI LD ASL SP Macro" OK, is more expensive, but very well worth the money. If you want to buy a "one-for-all" or "soup Zoom", then take either (do not hit, I know ... even more expensive) the "Sony SAL-16105 16-105mm Zoom Standard" or the "Tamron 18 -270mm F / 3.5-6.3 Di II PZD ". The latter is also very good for films, because the AF motor is nice and quiet. I would recommend this "super zoom" not because they simply have to deliver a good by-the-bank results and therefore (in terms of quality) lose out compared with shorter focal lengths as good as ever. Oh yes, as Tele still recommends the "Tamron AF 70-300mm 4-5.6 Di LD Macro" or "Sigma 70-300 mm APO DG Macro lens F4,0-5,6". They are not as expensive (about 130 euros) and offer even a macro function. The quality is a little better at Sigma according to many amateur photographers. Overall, however, you have to make compromise on quality at this price. But that's almost whining at a high level.
The Sony 55-200 I recommend NOT explicitly. Not because it's bad ... no, it is simply too expensive for the focal length and maximum aperture.

Furthermore, one can tripod sooner or later times good use ... plus a remote release (unfortunately, Sony has changed the remote trigger port, therefore do not fit the günsten alternatives currently (still) Edit: There are now responsible for well under 20 euros ) ... not to be forgotten is also the extra flash (see below). A wrist strap may make perfect sense. I have the better (without which they can fall down) as the camera belt, as you so has the camera directly to your hand. Unfortunately, I have had enough "accidents" with the neck-Kameragurt seen live. Camera removed (you can with belt around his neck photographed not really good), photographed, gone ... still camera with belt hanging somewhere, camera torn from your hand ... rest you can imagine.


I'm not necessarily the friend of the videos that are made with DSLRs (or SLTs). Therefore, I have not much in this direction made. However, I can say that a review with respect to the noise during sound with my A58 is wrong. The sound is much better as the A55, the video itself I see little difference. However, I can this not necessarily good judge - she films halt ... without any lag and good.


Well, Sony has changed the flash connector. From now on "fit" flashes with center contact (Canon / Nikon / ...). Unfortunately for people like me who have a reasonably good flash with Sony connection. It's not necessarily so that the A55 is known for their great flash pictures. Short for info: There is a bug, and then the flash while the vertical sync triggers, but unfortunately after the shutter is released to a few seconds can be the time. Well, this bug can be found at the A58 is no longer, but there is currently still chaos in the flashguns. If TTL support? (Very briefly: correct exposure setting when the zoom lens) If ADI supported? At least it is so that there are adapters that TTL NOT support (mostly as the 12.50 euros) and there are adapters that support the Sony controller (qid = 1372266494 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = ADP-MAA - so around 30 euros). This solution is unsatisfactory (adapters that do not support everything) or expensive (30 euros for an adapter! The also know that because at the moment probably need exists). I can also take my "Yongnuo YN560-II". He works on the A58, but it's just a manual flash (albeit a very good one).
In brief I have the possibility to try out a Canon Speedlite 430 ... maybe support of the TTL (note: it does not). Besides, I'll probably bite the bullet and get the expensive adapter. Again, I can supply later if desired results (ADP-MAA - review, qv). Anyway - so an additional adapter makes things a little shaky. So quite optimal I find not all.
But since Sony can actually nothing for, because actually it's better to have less prietary systems and Sony was just more or less a single fighter with its Flash Connection.


Portrait function:
In my opinion, a fun gimmick, but no longer. What the heck ... you can even turn off's if's do not like. Logically, that goes at the expense of memory and probably write speed.

Panorama function:
Basically, the same applies here as for Portrait function. This can Stitchprogramme better, but not so easy; o). Again - you have to use it not so.

Intelligent program function:
Funny - it works ... my children are recognized as such. However, I find that the Auto ISO setting is too fast too high. The same applies to the automatic mode. It would be better if you could set the upper limit of the ISO value here. But maybe I have simply not yet found the right menu for this, or there is a software update later time which you can then make.

HDR works like the A55. This is also a nice toy. Because sometimes come out pretty interesting pictures. But you need time. For action photography that's nothing. However, one can thus sometimes create interesting effects in landscape photographs.

Another feature that you're ridiculed tired at first glance the "Peaking Level". Underlying this is a function that knows sharp edges during manual focusing, makes yellow or red visible. For lenses with autofocus appears something actually largely sinnfrei (unless you switched from the AF, which sometimes makes sense).
AAAAB ... for lenses without AF This function is simply said: Genial. For this I have to go back a bit:

I own quite a lens park on older M42 - lenses. M42 is an older "bayonet" (screw), which is now no longer used in modern cameras. However, there is of it for really little money for. B. in the bay lots and lots of lenses. . Adapter (.:; Qid = 1372178838 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = M42 + adapter + sony eg this one) - All you need in order to reanimate eg on a modern Sony Alpha again, is a M42 to Minolta , Unfortunately, the so-called semi-automatic adapter (. Eg the field; qid = 1372178838 & sr = 8-5 & keywords = M42 + adapter + Sony) cost as a lot of money. Thanks to the Peaking Level no longer need the semiautomatic adapter. Interestingly, even works the automatic camera with the older M42 lenses. I have even such a semiautomatic adapter and had at one 200 3.5 - Lens my hands full, the AF point to make clean. The Peaking focusing pops up at a fraction of the time. Even with a 3X telephoto adapters and a 135 2.8 - Lens worked peaking yet - here though not as quickly as the sharpness and intensity of such telephoto adapters decreases rapidly. Nevertheless ... 3 x 135 makes at least 405mm, to the 1,5er Cropverlängerung all Sony - Alpha ... and you're in a 600 Tele, which I was able to bid for less than 50 Euros (19.50 135 / 2.8, 17 50 3x telephoto adapters + shipping for both). This also works in macro range admirably. Here just bought a discount 1,7er M42 lens (you get with a bit of luck already for around 20 euros), plus a few intermediate rings ... and off we go. Here one of the AF helps anyway rare because you simply shake is too much (tripod is normally in macro photography is a must).
It makes taking pictures fun, if you do not have to shell out a fortune to time to try a few different focal lengths and techniques. The Peaking Level but have also incorporated many other Sony cameras (z. B. the NEX).

Sony has taken the way the lens mount through the acquisition of Minolta. That's good to know, because that also fit older Minolta AF lenses (z. B. I have a 1.4er Minolta AF 50, which is in contrast to Sony 1.4er also is still affordable). Legendary sharpness are already the stovepipes respect. (Just google for "stovepipe Minolta".


An absolute weakness of the A58 is the bayonet. I do not know what savings Devil Sony to block a plastic bayonet connection in deciding has ridden. I could for the camera also 50 euros more pay if it would be only the connection of metal. Of course, the Sony program is very varied ... you can z. B. the a57 ​​buy (Do not be fooled by the name, which is not the predecessor A57) or even the a65. Note - almost 1 year later there are no problems with the "plastic-bayonet" - hence, no great problems with it).
However, I am fully satisfied with the performance of the A58, the operation and the image quality. Sure, it would have a better display (not only tilt, but also rotation and in a higher resolution) can be installed. The quality is imho but good enough. No one can sincerely try to judge the quality of a recording on the camera display. A camera display is easy to judge whether you have well taken the object, but that's it generally already (for me personally). Whether because the display now has 2.7 or 3 inches, and the number of pixels is not ultra high-resolution, I personally do not care. For me, the tradeoff display is managed with the A58 (if you squint at the price). The weight of the camera is easy. I find personally good because I like to take pictures with one hand. Despite plastic-Elaste the gripping feeling is quite good. The button layout is similar to the A55 - suits me. A few of the buttons can be reprogrammed. Better yet, if you could reprogram the Help button also - but since Sony pushes certainly a software update sometime after.

I think that the price of A58 comes at the expense of quality. Here I give Sony but a (personal experience value) experience advantage. So far I never had any problems with Sony camera products. Whether it be lenses or camera bodies. If the camera keeps its warranty period, I am quite satisfied. After 2 years, the camera technology is most likely anyway on again (if there really still are SLTs). Camera bodies quickly lose now times their value. Therefore, the are (currently) well spent 433 euros in my opinion.


Everyone who looks at the A58, has a limited budget. The budget for the A58 is about 750 Euro (camera + another lens). In the current market situation the A58 plays in this pricing framework with already very high up. I have most of the accessories (and much more) and was really just looking for a new secondary camera (as a substitute for an A350). I am surprised that the a58 image quality default, a55 trumps loose. Now I have the problem that I really need a new Erstkamera: o). So I can not do otherwise than to give the A58 5 points. Sure, there are better cameras - but currently in my opinion not for this price.

Still, a final personal experience report:
I have had the a58 a55 and the summer festival in kindergarten doing. And I've made about 1000 images (in total). From the group photo to the Photo Action (Dosenwerfen, relay race, group photo-hop). The images of the A58 have become actually better. I do not know how I can explain. Of course, it is because I take the A58 a Tamron 28-75 / 2.8 as opposed to team a55, have used 18-55 standard lens. However, were the Bank dailies - because it is not coming to the light intensity. The "Committee" at the A58 was about 5% (which in the motifs (child hold nunmal not always quiet)) in my experience is phenomenal. When he was about a55 15% - still a good value. I would almost be argued that is better in the hand a58. But this may be different for each. What I still lack, are low-light experiences. There, I had always been skeptical of the SLTs. "Through some by" photograph (through the mirror at the SLT technology) costs nunmal light intensity. <-> However, the former was compared a350 a55 failed already positive in favor of the newer sensor. Let's see what it looks like at the A58. What I can say in advance: Despite higher ISO (. Eg ISO 3200 / A58 1600 / A55) see the images better on the A58. An ISO 3200 with the A350 brings incidentally only pixels mud.
Well ... the time has come for the A350 well. The will now be sold, because a third camera is no longer approved by my budget management in the form of my wife: -).

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