Be Sunrise Avenue nieeee be "OUT OF STYLE" !!!  ;)

Be Sunrise Avenue nieeee be "OUT OF STYLE" !!! ;)

Out Of Style (MP3 Download)

Customer Review

After a really great debut album and a not so strong successor is now finally here, the third studio album by the popular Finnish frontman and singer Samu Haber. And it had already thrown its shadows ahead ... namely Hollywood Hills, the first single, a song that is typical of Sunrise Avenue and its sound. Catchy melody, catchy text and 3rd place in the German single charts speaks for the quality of geschiebenen catchy songs in LA.

But now to the album.
It's a mix of rock - perhaps not quite as rock created as yet the songs à la Only, Romeo or Diamonds, but certainly made (by On The Way To Wonderland album) very good - for good pop songs and from soulful rock and pop ballads.
How immmer there are very personal songs, they deal with heartbreak, the end of a relationship and how it feels and knows exactly but every one of us.

Hollywood Hills
This song has definitely catchy qualities. The beginning sounds quite not necessarily by Sunrise Avenue, but Samus's voice is immediately recognizable. I had already said what about it, so you go straight on)

Damn Silence
Unusually - Melodic seen anyway, but the refrain comes then but rocking over and partly the song appears quite bleak. No later than at the 2nd chorus should turn up the stereo right times ... HAMMER !!! This really rocks! Silence can indeed sometimes be quite scary, so Samu does not sing for nothing "Can not you say something and break this god damn silence ..."

Somebody Help Me
A rock ballad as she stands in the book. Maybe you have the song until two, three times to hear in order to say something to him can. I would really like to help Samu ... where ever;) One suffers right with ...

I Do not Dance
From the beginning, one of my favorites on the album, the 30 sec. Have fully convinced me and the entire song does well. Again, not a typical Sunrise Avenue sound, more dance-like, but it suits the boys. Although Samu it sings, he does not want to dance ... you want it easy! If you listen closely, you might think, Samu looking for excuses not to have to dance ... "I do not feel good inside, I got jeans too tight, it's all too loud ...." xD

I gotta go
Finally the guys can get out what can;) - rocking, loud, just great !! So I like that: D And with 179bpm the (previously) fastest song of the band (live determines seeehr horny)

Stormy End
Rock Ballade No. 2 -. About the stormy end of a relationship. I tell only "Please bring me another tequila ..." Cheers! Or how in Finland says: "Kippis" xD

Kiss Goodbye
I think you have to be in the mood to like this song. A feel-good song to spread positive mood and told them that one end does not always have to mean something bad, and you can go as friends part ways.

Sex & Cigarettes
Waaaahnsinn !!! The song won me more than anything else. Rockig, makes you want to dance (for whatever reason) - and it's' ne really good message hidden in the song. Girls: listening! The "Wish List" part will interest you; D - Again, I have to say: typical for the guys, but it fits. I can not stand still in the song ... aaah! ;)

The Right One
Even a rock ... or perhaps more pop ballad. I do 'me a little bit difficult with the song, but might feel is yet to come.

Out Of Tune
Also here is of the harder variety, the end is even some getting used to, reminds me a bit in the financial statements of Not Again. But to rock very suitable.

Angels On A Rampage
Veeeery nice song. Reminds me a bit of Wonderland, which starts slowly and deliberately, and then discharges in the chorus. You will want to stomp their feet on the ground when Samu of singing "angels on a rampage" ... Great!

Sweet Symphony
Just great! Not everyone can have a Samu, but with this song you get the feeling to get at least a little bit of him. If it does not go well with you, then you listen to the song ... you'll be fine! xD - Also worth mentioning would be something distinct instrumental part, though I would have liked better to hear more text. But truly great song!

On the whole, this is an album where actually everyone should get a taste and in which for everyone is really doing. Important to mention might still be that you should really listen to the album in peace. I had from the very beginning of my favorites, but the more you listen the songs, the more come to that, because each song its certain "Lyrics" is that one will find great and then makes the whole song.

So you make no mistake, if you do At length album ... quite the opposite !!! Buy! Buy unbdingt! Because Sunrise Avenue will never go out of fashion. The die-hard fans know that and the other should absolutely convince.

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