Braun Series 5 - Good, but not good enough

Braun Series 5 - Good, but not good enough

Braun Series 5/550 CC Shaver (System) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

First, I would note that it is very difficult to find just by reading reviews or tests the right razor for himself. There is for each razor 5- and 1-star reviews. There are simply many different skin types, either tolerated only Scheer films or only rotation or wet shaving. Then there's of course the armored skin carriers that can shave with a razor without water. But they are the exception. I advise everyone to try himself as me and to find the right way for themselves.
In fact, I have three razor tried (Philips SensoTouch 3D, Braun Series 5 and Series 7 Braun) and keep the Braun Series 7 at the end. This should be a comparison of the three models in connection with my history. I'll reinsetzen this review also in all three models. I know that there are many who find not great if you only equipment ordered for sample and returned again, but I think if a seller is offering the smooth return, that's ok. I want to, after all, find the perfect razor for me.

So in short the history. My first electric shaver was a Philips HQ6857. However, the shave was not pleasant, partly she even hurt. I had always after shaving a day or two razor bumps. I am then after a short time decided to upgrade to the wet shave and use the Philishave only in an emergency. In wet shave I had even razor bumps, but was shaving a bit more thoroughly. However, I never had problems with pimples or so. The skin was still red and painful when touched, especially in the neck area.
A work colleague had then bought the Philips SensoTouch 3D recently and could not get away from the swarms. Then I ordered him to me. Two chances I gave him and eventually sent him back again. The shaving was not as thorough as the HQ6857 from and there was actually put some bleeding. I found the razor absolutely flawed, then the very high price also looked more ridiculous. Before now Philips thousand fans was said to cry, I know how the principle works, circular movements against the grain. One must not push too hard, but only at higher pressure, the head adjusts to the contours of the face -> not quite right. The concept with the circular motion also requires a bit of skill, the design does not go with it, but hand in hand. He is somehow never 100% comfortable to hold. I often had to embrace.
However, it was the long hair trimmer is the best of the three models, which played no part for me though. The processing was despite plastic good, but by the gloss finish, the device was quickly greasy (just do not know how to describe it otherwise.) As the shaving result and the handling was so so bad, I sent him back. (Yes, I did it after two shaves, so I made a direct comparison with my old. I've only used the HQ6857 and after healing of the SensoTouch shaving brands. The SensoTouch was worse).

After my face could not get used to the Philips I thought I try times a Scheer foil shaver. I had to choose between Braun and Panasonic. A friend of mine works in an electric market and has recommended to me as a shot immediately and without a doubt Brown. If you follow the reviews, you can see that the Panasonic equipment is very good, but also that the blades and Scheer films wear off very quickly (the reviews of the films not only read the the device) and replace after only a few months, if you want to shave as thoroughly as in the beginning. After online research and many reviews I've then the Series 5 ordered. I have to say that shaving was in contrast to the Philips shaver much more pleasant. Man does not realize that doing anything at all. You hear it only. In a 90 ° angle against the grain through the skin cause no great push and it's all great. A tweet, as it is often described, I never noticed. The shaver is much better in the hand than the Philips and the system is easier to handlen. The shaving was in the cheek area thoroughly, but the neck is not, but still better than the Philips. Flat lying hairs are not well caught beyond the head is similarly inflexible how the SensoTouch. So only at higher pressure, what yes as mentioned is not the intention. However, with the Braun razor burn no longer an issue. My skin has never been so relaxed in a shave. Rinse under running water to get clean it properly. The Clean LED lights up after every second or third shave. The cleaning station can not get the razor but clean. There remain many stubble. The station can save you need to so. I have the Braun cleaning spray bought, that's great, inexpensive and effective. The trimmer position is best of all three devices, but not nearly as thoroughly as in the Philips. Because even after several shaves shaving performance was not as good in difficult areas and flat-fitting hair, I also have the series 5 returned.

Then I got my series ordered 7 and is by far the best of the three. At first I thought the head would be similar to that of the Series 5 model. But this is not so. Blades and Scheer films are one unit. The shaving is very thorough, to my surprise and also the neck is no problem. The Adicional vibrations seem to make a big difference. You can choose three different speeds, depending on how sensitive the area or the skin in general. The shaver is great in the hand, the material quality is top, but felt heavier than the other models. Also here is the head Scheer really flexible. Even with slight pressure, the head adapts to the shaving movement, super thing. I saw him now for several months and the battery lasts a long time, so long that I never know how many shaves / days of final charging ago. Cleaning under hot running water works great, even in combination with the cleaning spray. As I said, you can save the cleaning station. The trimmer is as poor as that of the Series 5, is also still positioned unfavorably. Scheer foil and long Harsch Neider (not like at Philips, where only the trimmer running) running simultaneously. By unfavorable position, it may happen that touching the skin with the Scheer film although one is currently using the trimmer. The plays but as I said for me not matter.

Conclusion: By far the best electric shaver is indeed the Braun Series 7 shave, handling, processing and maturity are worth the money and tip. The only small flaws are perhaps the Poor trimmer and the somewhat excessive weight. The Series 5 is the Philips shaving what power, handling and skin friendliness As far superior, but does not come close to the Series 7, but the head is too inflexible and shaving is not thorough enough in the neck area.

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