Excellent, and MAGIC

Excellent, and MAGIC

42961 Lindy USB 2.0 Adapter (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Excellent and magical product for my use. I use this on my minimap its USB GALAXY Note 2 coupled with an OTG cable jack and 1 Male-Male 3.5mm Jack or 1 / 2RCA for better sound quality and much more power when I plug or on a Audio Dock or in my vehicle.
The sound delivered is actually much more powerful and what quality! From a small device is bluffing.
You can increase / decrease the volume but also cut off the microphone output, but beware, the diode is "blinding."
In the box you will find a PC install cd (not used to-day), a user guide and a small USB cable.
Sending very clean and fast. I am the 2nd article of this brand, the first being an HDMI switch. Everything works great.

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