Excellent headphones, good bass, not to hurt the ears over time (three or four maximum)

Excellent headphones, good bass, not to hurt the ears over time (three or four maximum)

AKG K 450 mini headphones Closed Bending Axis 3D2 Navy (Electronics)

Customer Review

Excellent headphones, good bass, detachable cable even though I did not detached;)
The only problem are the accessories (HA 450) that cost half the price of the helmet! HA = 450 airplane adapter, microphone cable, etc ...
It is not too hurt the ears over time (three to four hours) and I wear glasses.
I use my mobile phone (android) with the original cable (without microphone) audio (music or call) is impeccable and clear.
The helmet is powerful on laptop I have to put her in third because if I blow my eardrums.
It is minimalist and strong I use it almost every day but I cherishes and protects the good cases even if headphones take up space.

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