flop initially top after a single use

flop initially top after a single use

Gigapur 25793 Twin Double folding mattress, lying area 150 x 195 cm, gray with cover in Salt & Pepper (household goods)

Customer Review

Initially, top, just super stable to sit with slipcover on it. Now had guests from South Tyrol, 2 children far below the stated 80kg What can I say, felt with cover just yet unstable and simply drops only one in the seat and after a single use. Why, then, the price of about 125 Euro.
Sham Package I call something, because I can buy the cheap 20-30 euros variants, is just as stable.
Ugh Gigapur would buy something like that ever again.
Even a star is too much, so rather not buy or buy and own it are and pay Lehgeld.

So let dear, do not buy!

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