Genuine Trash game for fans .... very Japanese shooter.

Genuine Trash game for fans .... very Japanese shooter.

Bullet Witch (video game)

Customer Review

Without much ado, one initially nameless heroine is shipped in an American suburb and mows without comment by the flesh-colored villains. Dressed in a hot, black two-piece and equipped with an oversized broom-gun, the witch Alicia evil must name somehow stop ....... Muhaha ...

The ball witch gets to do it, which cares very little about the clichés with a very strange demon horde. The zombie soldiers run as bare-chested, army helmet and khakis around. The flesh-colored or almost pink skin that hangs down at the rotted bodies, acts unrealistic and discourages genre fans once ab.Außerdem replace it with your hellfire, machine guns, shotguns, sniper guns and of course mortars ein.Aber instead of the expected total failure the title developed as an interesting Trash product in the best Japanese tradition, the boundaries of good taste identical rows überschreitet.Gerade when large spells like thunder or even more powerful Brummer - it is an impressive tornado and a Final Fantasy-mature meteor storm - uses, no stone is left unturned and really each object is torn apart. Even with smaller objects, such as a street lamp, the physics engine can flex their muscles. The lighting objects not break when shot namely equal apart, but are bent perfectly correct. Only after several hits, the steel bends a final and can be thrown telekinetically through the area.

But unfortunately there are also plenty of shade: enemies teleport unmotivated in your back, shoot ever in the wrong direction or do not respond to your fire. Especially stupid here behave the oversized zombie soldiers who 30 meters and knack sharp textures look quite impressive with their easy, but quite like to rotate so long in a circle until they have been finally mowed ...... Insane singing hover men with huge brains through the clouds. Only when you shoot these so-called 'walnut heads' from the sky, the fog thins and Alicia can stalk the next battlefield ..... Unfortunately, the AI ​​of the opponents is not very good. Sometimes just standing around and not even notice a. And their accuracy läst coming.

Conclusion: For Trash Fans highly recommended .... normal gamers should better make a detour around the game.