Great technique and good workmanship!  Sound could be better!

Great technique and good workmanship! Sound could be better!

Becker active.6 CE LMU navigation device (15.8 cm (6.2 inch) screen, 20 countries pre-installed, TMC, Becker MagClick Active Holder, with Becker SituationScan) (Electronics)

Customer Review

The "Navi" has become the standard of the ordinary motorist and has often paralyzed the once excellent orientation ability (even for me), so relying entirely on the small satellite wizards. That's why it's more than a gimmick or a Status gimmick and should be chosen with care.

So far, I was very happy with a elderly Becker Traffic Assist 7928, its biggest shortcoming is no longer its renewable Map from the year 2009 was, so you often went to the Netherlands through green meadows take over the new highway. So I was very pleased to keep up with the Becker active.6 CE LMU a successor model in hand.

An important experience I want to share at the outset: Take the time to read the manual! Must not be the first curious Trying, but timely reading is worthwhile. It is, also design technically, successful device that feels good and looks very good, but I was a bit disappointed because I missed several features that I had come to appreciate during my "old". Most of them I initially overlooked because they perish on the one hand the wealth of settings, on the other hand are not intuitive experience. You have to give time to get used to each other two or three days.

First one of the generously sized screen will notice. That is already great, and the picture quality is fine. I had read in other reviews from "poorer" housing and can not confirm that. I think that's perfectly fine too high. A fun idea is the use of magnets as a mounting system contact. Nothing wobbles and yet the device can be easily tip out of the holder. The base plate of the bracket has a permanently mounted, thin cable that doubles as power supply and TMC antenna. The included suction cup can be attached vibration-free and securely to the disc, but "normal" only at the positions outside or centrally on the windscreen.
In itself, this is not a notable lack, but it turns out that in the current normal beveled washers a lot of light falls on the screen and its actually very good presentation detracts disturbing. My old Navi had a somewhat flexible arm, I could install on the small side window, so the unit was virtually in the interior of the steering wheel, where it could also be operated comfortably. I have now seen that the attachment of the base plate is standardized so that it is easy for me good to get a cost-effective replacement.

In normal operation, you will leave the Navi mostly just switched. If the cigarette lighter socket without current, so it goes into a sleep mode, from which it can quickly wake up again and after 30 m drive also produces a stable satellite link. This works even in my car, where is first stalled again at the start of the current because the Navi waits a few seconds before turning off. With my old it was back and forth with this matter of luck and also led advance to a trailer the device. A big plus point ie for the successor!

Once up and running, you will be showered with an abundance of information. Well, that the screen is so big! And even better is that you can parameterize a large scale, what can be seen. Basically first choice will be the 2D or 3D view. In the first one has a familiar maps view, in the second a fairly realistic representation with the horizon, countryside and mountains. (The one with the mountains I can not try, unfortunately, over 60 m is nothing for miles around with us) vary the position of the horizon (tilt) and the zoom factor you can according to personal taste. If you switch the "Automatic zoom" to ride the view at approaches to intersections, highway exits, etc. up close and tilts at the same time the image horizontally so that you can see exactly the point road guidance when turning. This is a bit strange, but makes sense and is a matter of course thanks to the smooth presentation after a short time. Position information is accurately and let the route guidance will umnissverständlich, even in close succession side streets in the city. In addition to the map view a bar appears at the pre-ride to the change of direction, which corresponds to the remaining meters. That I would have formerly often wished ("Were already 300 meters?")

So it does not get bored, entertain a while driving a lot more information. Depending on the selected setting will appear petrol station and attractions in the map, the incinerator and the city park sign good with a small text in the map, adjacent street names are shown when driving past and if you like, also striking buildings in the cities can make visible.
For an extra charge, the software can also be retrofitted with a downloadable speed camera warning.

Since there are more superimposed display, you can choose three options:
- Big notification area (about 40% of the screen, 60% Map)
- Scaled notification area with two small boxes on the left
- Only information and directional arrows

While driving either the current warning (bottleneck, children playing, etc.) are reflected and the speed limits. Also auxiliary functions can be provided, the log, an example when the target approaches to provide a parking space, or one that closes with stagnating motorway speeds on congestion and alternative routes proposed. Of course one can also monitor the driving speed and be exceeded in 5 Km levels pretend up to 40 km, even separately for urban traffic and highway.

The screen automatically switches from day to night mode and can of course be changed manually at any time. The destination input is simple, usually only takes a few letters to the fields automatically complete. Double entries (Preller) occur unfortunately, but in a few keystrokes which is to get over, especially up to 200 destinations can be stored, you can also search other than by scrolling. In the middle of a route it is possible to enter a new address, which can be used either as a stopover or the current as a new final destination. Very convenient!

After registering with the planned for the Windows PC software you can download up to three times a year the latest updates of maps area at no additional cost. I had imagined that one with the "Content Manager" program mentioned also can easily enter his collected goals, unfortunately, is not possible. After all, you can easily make backups of the memory content and download and install updates. The Navi is connected to via USB.

The speech may specify for some languages, usually with several speakers. For Germany there are two female and one male voice. This function is also ok and precisely. But unfortunately I have to report here an annoying defect point and that is the technical design of the speaker. During my eight years old, only slightly thicker, Navi Becker had a very pleasant, clear sound, the new active.6 as a telephone voice sounds which, although produced at one of the ladies a cute lisp, but far below the current possibilities lies. That's a shame because the rest can really convince you!

I have not mentioned any of the many ways that still pretend and let regulate, to Becker has indeed written a versatile manual. But I can hopefully explain that a lot of technology to get here for the money, for which I would love to give it 5 stars. But the bad acoustics leading to at least half a star deduction, say, a scant 4.5!

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