many good ideas and hard-hitting style and yet ...

many good ideas and hard-hitting style and yet ...

Monster (Paperback)

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Pitch: "Paul Becker is a doctor in Naples, a small town south Florida Married and father of a little boy of 6 years, he is indebted to open a Walk-in Clinic (consultation center without an appointment. ). To ensure the bills, he works every night and a good part of his mornings, assisted by his nurse Connie. One stormy night, when he is on call, he sees land in his cabinet his friend of childhood, Cameron, cop by profession, with a suspect badly banged up. This could not have any impact if the suspect had dropped a laptop during the consultation .... especially if Paul n ' had the bad idea to pick up the laptop, said when it began to ring a few hours later. He did not need more for the life of the doctor in a dark quiet nameless nightmare. "

This is the second novel by Patrick Bauwen, the great "The Eye of Caine" was not gone unnoticed. We find in "Monster" many of the ingredients that made the success of the first: the American style, intensity, suspense, thoroughness, accuracy ... But if the final explosive "The Eye. .. "I was fascinated, amazed, dumbfounded by such mastery and understanding, I have not found in Monster this Machiavellian character to force the reader to take the game.

Failing to do better (both had already been beautiful), Patrick Bauwen gives too much ... too much horror, too evil, too many strings - yet fundamentally interesting - that keeps the reader that I was the subject initial (enigma) to reduce it to the status of a spectator ... We share a bit throughout the essence as there is material and creativity which lack the binder, the higher bid was, in my opinion greatly served this work, shame ...

Quite expensive but very good !! Rank: 5/5
February 1
Great phone, good price !!!! Rank: 5/5
March 8
Great product 514 Rank: 4/5
May 1
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August 1
Very Good 1 5626 Rank: 5/5
February 23

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